Steve Jobs Mimic Launches Taiwanese Tea [Video]

Steve Jobs Mimic Launches Taiwanese Tea [Video]

Do you want to win an Apple iPad 2? Then drink Taiwanese tea. Yup, you heard that right! A Taiwan-based tea company has released a video commercial featuring Steve Jobs impersonator, launching not the iPad, but a Taiwanese tea product. The commercial begins with Steve Jobs walking out onto the stage with a big screen behind him with the title – How to get an iPad 2.

With mock journalists applauding, the fake Steve Jobs starts talking about the Taiwanese tea product. He explains how one can win an Apple iPad 2 by participating in the promotion, which lasts until September. He says, “You don’t need to be jealous of other iPad 2 owners anymore. Because right now if you purchase any Taiwanese tea, you can win an iPad 2 (too?) every week” and with this the crowds goes gaga.

Well, if Apple comes across this ad (or maybe they already have?), will they stop the company from promoting their product with this advertisement? I think it’ll be quite unfair if they do so. Anyways, who cares? Let’s taste the Taiwanese tea and stand a chance to win an Apple iPad 2 :P


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  • dan bloom

    Steve Jobs ‘Lookalike” in Taiwan TV Ad Is American Expat Brook Hall and His Future Is Busy and Bright

    Taiwan’s ‘face of Steve Jobs’ Brook Hall has a story to tell. And it’s much bigger than one 21-second TV ad. Dan Bloom reports from Taiwan

    [hat tips to Torch Pratt and Rookie of CCU] Thanks, mates!

    It was all smoke and mirrors, little wires and a great hair and make-up team in Taiwan, and the
    magic of television editing.

    And no, he’s not Steve Jobs, but a longtime expat in Taiwan named Brook Hall
    sure is a good lookalike for the Apple chief exec. Hall who plays the
    role of “Steve Jobs” in a popular tea drink commerical airing on
    Taiwan TV, he’s almost a dead ringer for the tech icon — and the
    similiarity is so strong that the video has gone viral across the
    globe with over 185,000 hits on one YouTube channel created by

    Although Hall has never been identified before as the lookalike Steve
    Jobs in the recent tea commercial, he now confirms it is indeed him. However, he has a much
    bigger story to tell and this blog will tell it below. Read on.

    A tea company set up the advert, and it was part part of an iPad
    giveaway the firm was sponsoring. The ad was not sponsored by Apple and Steve Jobs
    has not even seen it, most likely, according to sources.

    From Hall’s perspective, the Jobs gig was — in Hall’s own words — — “a fun three hours to try to imitate him — there was a great
    makeup and hair team, and little wires that pull your eyes and cheeks
    that can reshape your face a bit. I just studied the walk and the
    speech patterns.”