24 Funny Venn Diagrams from Across the Net

Have you seen diagrams like these before? For those of you who feel asleep in Math class, they are known as Venn Diagrams.

The internet is often a funny place. It’s not surprising that a few people have taken something as boring as superset logic and made it into a new form of entertainment. Here are 24 Funny Venn Diagrams that were gleaned from the internet by someone I know.

Introducing Apple iWater [Geeky Fun]

One thing I can say about an Apple product is that the product’s design and build are absolutely top-notch and Apple takes good care of making sure that their products are nothing but the best.

Apple iWater Pro

With so many Apple products out their including Mac Book Pros, Mac Air, , , and iPod Nano you can expect them to come up with several more products which re-define the way we look at the products.

While Apple is busy preparing for the launch of , a satire site called Scoopertino; which produces fake Apple news, has gone ahead and created a new Apple product called Apple Water or iWater as we would like to call it.

Apple iWater

Take a look at the latest product from Apple (click to enlarge image). For more such Geeky fun about Apple, visit the site at http://scoopertino.com/.

Avatar 2 Trailer

It’s not , but it is definitely not a rule to not have fun on a Sunday, is it? Well, if you loved the James Cameroon epic Avatar, which basically trashed everything in it’s way to become the biggest success in box office without a good storyline, you will definitely love the Avatar 2 trailer.

Curious? Well, then go ahead and watch the Avatar 2 trailer below. If you can’t see it, click on this link.

P.S. I haven’t seen Avatar yet, but it is always good to have fun right Winking smile.

“My Blackberry Isn’t Working” and Other Literal Puns

BBC has a pretty decent comedy show called The One Ronniestarring the wizened eighty year old comedian Ronnie Colbert. While the comedian does feel a little guilty doing this show without his late partner Ronnie Barker (part of the The Two Ronnies while he was still alive), he is quite the riot as an old comic and manages to keep up with latest happenings to elicit that odd smirk or the riotous guffaw.

One of his latest sketches features him talking with an elderly grocer and general vegetable shop owner about how his blackberry was not working. Yes, he takes out the organic fruit, a blackberry, and asks the shopkeeper if there was anything he could do to fix it. The shopkeeper immediately asks him whether it ran out of juice! Hilarious puns and comedy that we’ve all grown accustomed to watching on the Beeb.

It is actually quite heartening to watch a comedy by elderly gentlemen stay in touch with the latest technology. While the sketch starts out with a blackberry, it goes into the territory of Apples and Eggs-boxes soon enough, giving you, the viewer, plenty of time to take in the jokes and laugh before proceeding to the next!

Watch My Blackberry Isn’t Workingon YouTube.

Friday Fun: Damn You Autocorrect [iPhone]

We haven’t done in quite a while, but I seriously come across a lot of websites which range from funny to making you laugh out real loud. I ‘ll try to pass on many such websites in future Friday fun episodes.

This week’s website is a funny take on the ‘s autocorrect feature which results in several people typing and sending out what they did not intend to. The website is called Damn You Autocorrect. Doesn’t sound funny? Just take a look at couple of examples below:

fuhrer_autocorrect donuts_autocorrect

If you liked what you see, go ahead and have your dose of laughter at http://damnyouautocorrect.com/. Happy Friday Fun.

Wacky Twitter Video of Will.I.Am’s Song is Awesome

If you knew about Whirled Creative you wouldn’t be sitting here, reading blogs. You’d be out there with the cool folks, mashing art with technology and putting the rad in non-traditional. They created the Google Instants music video, and now they have made a video about #newtwitter. How cool is this video? Well, the folks at Whirled Creative have taken Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.I.Am and Nicki Minaj’s pop-rap song Check It Out and given it the #newtwitter twist.

The song starts with the group logging inas Will.I.Am (@iamwill), and works around as he tweets and clicks around #newtwitter.

With the song lyrics appearing in hashtags, searches @replies and inside maps, the video itself is an absolute must for anyone who feels like watching the super-rad mashup of current gen songs and current gen web technology.

It will, however, be very confusing for the old twitter user. It will also irritate users who have been wishing for a taste of #newtwitter for a long long time now. Why? Because the moment Will.I.Am asks for a redesign, he instantly gets the preview bar at the top of his bar. Guess the celebs get their wishes fulfilled everywhere, eh?

Check out the video here (Mild NSFW warning for language):-

First Photo Of Facebook Phone [Geeky Fun]

If you have been reading tech news today, you might have come across the news that was speculated to be building a Facebook phone but later denied it. Trust the Internet to make fun out of news like these and come up with some really tacky things, remember the  announcement?

So, if you are up for some fun, here is the first photo of the Facebook Phone created by Sean Percival, all the Pun intended Winking smile.



(More from The Creator)

Hack is Wack, y’all! Snoop Dogg + Symantec = Rap Contest On Anti-Cybercrime

Fo’ shizzle under my nizzle, yo yo! Alright, alright my rapping skills are subpar in that I believe even Shakespeare with his iambic pentameter can give me a run for his money with rapping skills. But this is not about my rapping skills it’s about yours dear wannabe rapper! (Not you, Hopesh)

Snoop Dogg, the West Coast hip hop MC and protégé of Dr. Dre has teamed up with security software specialists Norton (Symantec corporation) to announce Hack is Wack! a rap video contest where users can upload their best 2 minute rap video against cybercrime. Winners get to meet SNOOP DOGG’S MANAGEMENT TEAM Y’ALL! (Also probably a Toshiba laptop).

Fo’ real mah homies!!


No, really. The internet is filled with lame attempts to capture the essence of rap in a nerdy blogpost, so you can’t really blame me for trying (and failing).

According to the SecurityWeek, the contest which runs till the 30th of this month will be quite a ball:-

“If you have the skills and bust out the phattest rap, you’ll receive round-trip airfare for two to Los Angeles along with two days and two nights hotel stay to meet with Snoop’s management and learn more about his business. You’ll also get two tickets to a Snoop Dogg concert and a new laptop pimped out with Norton Internet Security 2011.”

So… get started right away with this friendly wikihow page that tells you how to write a rap song, promote yourself, develop your own style, and more.

Dogs + Yoga = DOGA

You have that lazy bummer of a golden retriever lazing around the house. You’ve tried everything to get that lazy dog up on its paws, but it merely refuses to follow anything that you say. So you give up and follow the old adage of if you can’t beat em, join emand laze around the house as well.

Now you have a tummy, and you want to get rid of it. But you cannot bear the sight of your lazy dog sitting around doing nothing while you puff and pant those calories off. So what do you do?

You practice yoga on your dog. Literally.

ExpertLeta Koontz has been studying yoga for quite some time and has become adept at the silly form of yoga with dogs as the inspiration. Here’s a video of one of the unimaginably ridiculous practices in action.

More at urlesque.

Warning: Using a Chihuahua is not recommended during DOGA.

Steve Jobs Tells Bill Gates That He’s Sued Over iPhone 4 [Geeky Fun]

Ok, shouldn’t we have stopped with jokes about the Antenna issues already? Yes, we should have, but I just couldn’t let this pass away as it definitely made me laugh out loud.

Here is a conversation (manufactured) between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates where Steve Jobs tells Bill Gates that he is being sued because of the 4 and the hilarious response from Bill Gates.


(Image via Wild Ammo via @J3rwin)