Mystery Google Seeker is a Funny Google Search Parody

Google search is one of the most useful piece of technology on this planet, but why just have fun with the I’m lucky button when you have Mystery Google? Mystery Google is parody of Google Search, which simply does not work at all.


When you land up on the site, you will see a dark background and a search box with buttons which say Searchand Are You Sure?. Looks normal to the eyes, but the fun starts after you enter a query into search box and click on either of the buttons.

When a user enters a query and hits the search button, they are taken to a random search results which are not relevant at all. For example, my search for Who am Iled to some weird query, displayed in the screenshot below.


I played around with this a bit and entered different queries and more often than not, I had a good laugh. If you have some time on hand and just want to while away, hit Mystery Google and try searching for something.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Google Seeker is a Funny Google Search Parody”

  1. this is stupid…. everyone knows that mystery google gives you the search result of the person before you. if you're not going to do your research, don't post anything

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