Google Plus vs Facebook – Funny Images

Couple of weeks back, Google introduced the new social networking feature, Google + which can currently be accessed via invite only. Within 24 hours of it’s launch, Google had to shut down the invite feature due to the insane demand of G+ invites. However, it was reported that Google Plus was open to public for a while , but within couple  of hours it was closed down again.

Although there are many people who are craving and still trying their luck to sign up or get a Google Plus invitation, several others who are already on Google+ are mocking at Facebook by creating some funny images and sharing them across their Stream.

In this post, we have complied a list of funny and extremely amusing Google+ vs Facebook images. Most of these images were shared by Google Plus fans who think that Google Plus’ elegant design and features is way better than Facebook’s UI and features and its worth moving to Google+ from Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg Don't Mention Google Plus Live vs PlusI Was On Google Plus First


Gang Sign

I Cab Explain

Google Plus vs Facebook Zidane

Football- Google Plus vs Facebook

Snooker: Google vs Facebook

Google Slaps Facebook

Moving to Google Plus

Google Plus Cruise Ship

Facebook vs Google Plus

Google Plus Hook Me Up


Facebook vs Google Plus
Please feel free to share any other funny images that I’ve missed to include in the list. You can do so by adding it in the comments section below.

P.S. Please be aware that Google has shut down the invite and sign up feature for Google Plus. There are spammers who are taking advantage of the invite feature by selling invites on eBay and elsewhere. These invites are fake and please do not consider them.

We have explored Google+ to the full extent since a week and you might want to read through our series of articles which will be helpful to you when it comes to using and understanding Google+.

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  • san

    is that a tech article ???

    collecting images and posting it !!!

    dumb !!!!

  • Josh

    “P.S. Please be aware that Google has shut down the invite and sign up feature for Google Plus.”

    That’s funny my buddy sent me a invite this morning and I just finish setting up my account.

  • I don’t think Google+ will be as popular as Facebook. FB is already doing their tricks to tie up with Microsoft to beat Google.

  • Wrote my own humor article about Google+
    Now that I’ve tried it I no longer wonder about it’s domination of FB – no ones on it yet!

  • Goog Le

    I have about 100 accounts on Facebook and many friends of mine. Use it only for poker ;). Thx to me they have higher countings on how many users they have. 40% of users are banned, they count the banned ones to.

    I hope that Facebook will be banned from android phones.

  • uhm… funny
    but seriously.. these funny videos are the ONLY place where G+ is better than FB. Drag and Drop != Good Graphical User Interface. There is not enough explanation of what is what.

    Probably the worst mistake Google makes.. and makes again this time, invite only. Please. The EPIC FAIL of Google Wave (the original Google Social Network site/software) due to the limited amount of memberships should have been a lesson and yet they didn’t learn.

    Hard to use and understand + limited invites = too much of a PITA to use when i have FB who has already learned all these lessons.

    • Josh

      It’s only from failure that you obtain success. Wave and Buzz, while being failures, have been integrated into Google+ via their useful features, along with all of Google’s successful services.. Gmail, youtube, blogger, Gtalk, Picasa, and so on.

      And google+ isn’t going to be invite only forever. Only an idiot would assume this. They’re still testing to see what works and what doesn’t, and getting rid of bugs and glitches while they’re at it. It only makes sense to slowly let people in to test these features.

      I think Google+ will be most appealing to the nerds out there.

      Everyone that enjoys playing Farmville and installing apps that automatically spam your friends with “Blahblah answered a question about you! Use tokens to unlock the answer!” will probably stick with Facebook. But honestly, who cares about those individuals?

    • Google+ User

      Actually google+ is much easier to use and understand than facebook. You can send as many invites as you want to. So yeah, the only real thing facebook is better at is having crappy games.

  • wow! very nice compilation of funny images of facebook and google plus. so funny!

  • I found more funny gifs Google and Facebook at here:

  • funny images

    keep posting

  • eko
  • I do believe Google Plus will be more popular then FB.
    Defiantly it will take some time. need to be little hurry, lots of people are waiting for Google Plus account like me.

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  • Just wanted to say that Google+ is so beyond what Facebook is that I really can’t even compare the two. Facebook has become the place I dump my trash thoughts like “I hate winter!” while Google+ has become the place I post links to my latest blog posts, drawings, animations, and videos.

    G+ Hangouts are what completely obliterated facebook for me. I’m subscribed to a few people that hop on the updated version of G+ Hangouts and host art classes.. or have book club discussions. Viewers can join the conversation or just view it. The hangout can be recorded and, I assume, have it uploaded to youtube.

    Facebook pales in comparison. The only thing that Google+ lacks is the hordes of people who aren’t yet ready to switch to something new. ..but it’ll happen.

  • I lick it’s.