GetMooh Out Of Sticky Situations [Annoyance Killer]

Have you every been in a sticky situation you would rather not be in? Or are you just looking to find a way to escape if a date goes wrong? Many a times you may ask your friends to call you up after certain time, so that you can say something urgent has come up and bail out.

This phone call trick was featured in a popular Bollywood movie called Munnabhai, where the lead actor wanted to avoid getting married and asks his sidekick to keep on calling him after 10 minute intervals.


Getmooh is a automated service that will perform the same action, that is, calling you up at a certain time and playing a automated message, allowing you to easily bail out if you are in a sticky situation. The service is completely free to use and can be used for various purposes, for instances bailing out of a bad date, breaking away from a boring meeting and even for sending birthday wishes to your friends.

Note: Incoming call charges may apply on US and other networks which charge for incoming calls.

To start using Getmooh simply setup a phone number and the time you want to receive a call from Getmooh, for the message select from a number of pre-recorded message to be played during the call.


Once you have finished adding in the settings you can save the call. You will receive a automated call at the time you have setup, we tested this out and it works pretty good. Before you can use Getmooh, you will need to Getmooh,annoyances,automated calls,automated caller,bad dates,bad meetings,wish friends automatically