Fake AdSense Earnings Generator

Just came across a really funny service that allows users to create screenshots of fake earnings, this website asks users the income they want to display for the current day and yesterday and creates a genuine looking screenshot.


Once you have entered the amounts and clicked on the Make money button, the service will create a genuine looking screenshot that shows as if you have generated the income yourself :-).


So next time don’t believe everything you see, the screenshot you may be seeing on on a forum or website may actually be a real good Photoshop job, or in-fact a screenshot created using this service itself :-).

Give it a try and create some fake Google AdSense earnings screenshot for yourself, at-least it will look good to the eyes ;-).

Fake Google AdSense Earnings Generator [via tweet from Blogsdna]

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  • A great tool for fakers :)

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  • LOL! This generator is so nice. Very tricky.

  • To be honest, it would be funnier if those screenshots weren’t metrics people use to justify the same price of their websites.

  • Sorry, grammar typo there… meant to say that it would be funnier if those same screenshots weren’t also one of the major metrics people use to justify the price they are selling their websites for.

  • That’s really a cool one…

  • how long has this app been around? i bet all thoe ‘famous’ bloggers have made up their numbers all along, just to gain traffic :S

  • Haha, this is news to me Keith ! Interesting stuff.

  • Wicked stuff ! There should also be a way to find out if this is fake or not.

  • I wonder how long before the big G gets it taken down…

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  • This is not a good thing. lying about anything is bad and could only bring problems.

    On the other hand…
    I pitty the fooo that believe I make $1,000,000 a month on adsense. DP here I come!!

  • You know, I’m sure this is used in many, many website sales. It’s sad, but I’m sure it’s true.

  • lol looks awesome dude…great tool

  • Just dropped by to tell you that Google AdSense Generator is up and running again. Now with four different languages.

  • And that’s how Most of the affiliate marketer sell their book by showing such fake revenue … :|

  • nice find Keith…

    but seems that it isn’t working anymore…

    • Google AdSense Generator is up and running again, and as i see, with 6 languages.

  • Cool….Very useful post. People make foo to showing screenshot of google sense earning and ask money from client and cheat.