April Fools Day Tricks from the Blogosphere and more
By on March 31st, 2008

Last year around during Fools day there were a few tricks played by Google which left people clueless about toilet wifi and also some Gmail on paper. This year around there has been an increased participation by top bloggers in the April Fool’s celebration and I have been amazed at how these bloggers are really enjoying Fool’s Day.

Here are some posts from the bloggers I follow and what they are using to fool people.

Darren from ProBlogger had posted about PayPerTweet which announced to the world about getting paid for helping advertisers by twittering about them. If you use twitter you can follow me here.

TechCrunch founder Micheal Arrington posted about why he is going to sue FaceBook for $25 million while he is liable for $150 million.

Daniel for Daily Blog Tips posted that his network of blogs has been sold for $168000.

How can the biggest prank player Google stay away, they have launched gDay in Australia which will help you search web pages 24 hours before they are published, so you can place a bet on tomorrow’s derby winner or even buy or sell the Google stock based on the prices predicted for the next day :).

As for Techie Buzz we are not playing any pranks on you but are looking for serious buyers who want to take over the blog from us, if you are interested do drop us a email and we can start negotiating the sales deals.

And for all of you wish you a Happy April Fools day and keep everyone laughing with your pranks, do drop us your comments about the best April Fools pranks you have seen we would definitely want to laugh along with you :).


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  • http://mymindleaks.com maheshexp

    Herez the deal…why don’t I buy ur blog for a $1 million? ;-)

  • http://www.dolonki.com.ua Eugene

    “As for Techie Buzz we are not playing any pranks on you but are looking for serious buyers who want to take over the blog from us”
    Not playing any pranks? ;)

  • http://www.nirmaltv.com Nirmal

    Well why are you selling the blog?

  • http://internetmarketingsucks.com/blog/ Sucker

    It is pretty crazy this year, everyone is doing something. The thing is, most of them are so easy to spot that it’s not quite as funny.

    (My personal fav was the one from Tim Ferriss outsourcing his blogging on fourhourworkweek.com!)

  • http://www.xytheme.com nyunyu

    You kidding me? You gonna sell this blog?
    What are you gonna to do next? Buy DigitalPoint? :P

  • http://www.whoismadhur.com Madhur Kapoor

    lol man , you playing a prank of your own by selling this blog.

  • http://mp3crown.com Magie

    Telling us that you will sell your blog is a prank, right?

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