Apple India Store insists that a 4GB iPod shuffle is equal to an 8GB iPod nano

A couple of days ago a friend of mine got me really interested in the new iPod shuffle. Sure, it can only support the tinny and bass-challenged Apple iPod headphones, sure there are much better players out there with decent-sized screens; however the ability to carry music without worrying about screen or clickwheel damage was quite appealing. So off I went to the Apple India Store (which only allows you to browse, not buy which is very unfortunate for our current business) to get a feel of the prices of the iPod shuffle in India. Here is what I am greeted with:


Yes, the 2GB shuffle is Rs. 3,700 (about $79), while the 4GB shuffle is Rs. 4800 (about $103). But wait! Is that the iPod nano that I see for the same price as the 4 Gig shuffle? I ecstatically clicked on the iPod nano link and voila! Wonder of wonders, the 8 Gig nano is priced at Rs.4800!


Quite funny eh? This is obviously a mistake, as I double-checked with the US store –


Not so lucky!

It is quite appalling to see the official Apple store in India could allow for such a gross mistake. Just imagine the number of people who could have taken advantage of it if there was online shopping for the Indian store!

Here are the links to the Apple India store:

iPod shuffle

iPod nano


Seems the good folk over at Apple India heard about this post and updated their MRP for their iPod nano.


All I can say is (if you do not mind a little internet slang) LOL pwned

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