Alphabet Chart For Next Generation

For ever since I have known, we have thought our kids the English Alphabets using objects that pertain to an alphabet. For example, we have learnt the alphabets by using “A for Apple”, “B for Ball”, “C for cat” and so on.

However, technology has changed our generation and we have become so advanced now that we do need to change which object we relate to an alphabet. And my friend Jatin Sapra ( has done something similar.

Here is an alphabet chart which relates the alphabet to technologies that rock the world today. Kudos to Jatin on this, he said that he did it because he was bored. Now the question is whether you would want to teach your child using the below alphabet chart? Hit me with your comments. (picture after the jump)

4 thoughts on “Alphabet Chart For Next Generation”

  1. I don’t know what some of those things are (I’m, moderately tech savvy but by no means a tech geek), so I’m not sure a toddler learning the alphabet will, but it’s still funny.

    My granddaughter came to me the other day saying she wanted to google something she heard about at school. I told her to go ahead. She said, “I don’t know how to google.” She knew it was something you used to look up something you were interested in, but not how to actually use it. Now, she’s “googling” everything. LOL

  2. hello keith,i wanted the open gl code for this alphabetic chart what u hav prepared…we are doing some project..we are planning to make a game of this alphabetic chart…would u plz help us…

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