10 Worst Photoshop Disasters

Have you ever wondered whether the oh-so-impeccable images that you see in posters and magazines are real? Many of these perfect shots have been retouched, or “airbrushed” using Photoshop before being unveiled for the whole world to see. However, sometimes these manual manipulations go a little too far. This post will be taking you through some of the worst Photoshop disasters in recent times.

Disaster #10: Head or pelvis? Which is smaller? I dare not hope for either.

Disaster #9: Whose arm is it anyway? Julianne Moore may have lost her clothes but she sure has made up for it with a very flexible right arm, not to mention the perfect legs.

Disaster #8: Talk about entwined legs!

Disaster #7: What happened to all the water?

Disaster #6: Who said that working out was the only way you could get a six-pack?

Disaster #5: Looks like it was a bad hair day.

Disaster #4: Warning! Do not splash into unknown waters. You may have your face transplanted.

Disaster #3: Talk about generating crowds!

Disaster #2: Oh, you have to crane your neck to spot this one!

Disaster #1: And finally, at the top (or in this case, bottom) of the list we have: Two sunsets for the price of one! Can there be a better holiday package?

These were only a few of them. Know of more Photoshop disasters? Let us know!

[pictures from Photoshop Disasters]

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  • That was hilarious! xD

  • Awesome list. I was aware of the first one (Ralph Lauren) since it created quite a controversy, but wasn't aware of the rest. Gem of a post.

    Another similar fiasco was by MS. They replaced made a black guy white but forgot to change the colour of his hand.

    • Thanks! Oh and why don't you email me the picture you're talking about? It can always be inserted as a postscript. :)

    • joe


      that was a fake scandal because people got upset tghat the black guy was replace by a white guy.

      the MS people use generic stock photos and the graphic artist changed the black dude because there are no black people (almost) in Poland. same thing if they used that picture in asia and had no asian people, it would have looked weird for that particualr market.

      the artists made a mistake with the hand but the drama over the skin color was made up and didnt relate to their social reality so people blamed microsoft for being racist…. which was three levels of dumb!!

  • ROFL. Thanks for the laughs, helps to relax.

  • Thank you for the Awesome list for showing 10 worst disasters on photoshop.

  • Hey… Amazing ! Good catch !

  • Superb Man. Really Great Collections. I Only understand some of the pictures. But i am happy finally to see this pictures.

  • gr8 creativity … ROFL

  • Great finds. I've seen some of these before. I wonder how many graphic artists have been fired for mishaps like these.

  • SS


  • Interesting post…

    It would have been better if we could have got the source of the photos or news items pointing towards the disaster story…

  • Oh my, talk about some hilarious photoshop jobs! I can't believe nobody spotted the two suns on the Disaster #1, that's unreal!

    Till then,


  • dd

    #1 – Ocean at two different levels

  • cpt1nsano

    The last one wasn't a photoshop opps but a picture of a room with a Mirror in it.

  • VK

    Creating a mistake is a marketing tool used by many to create controversies and attract attention for a very simple unpopular product, so that we can discuss and people can fill pages about it. There are gr8 PHOTOSHOP artists, very original but there are more quacks in the market, in every profession.

  • lol. Amazing job !

  • PSD

    Lol…that’s some funny stuff.

  • The last one is only a mirror. look carefully and you’ll see. ;)

  • hahahaha.. Just can’t control my laugh (spicily in last one).. :D ;) :p

  • The Taylor Lautner one is fanart — just FYI

  • @Shohini Sengupta
    Really awesome collection of PIcs on Photoshop disaster. and different from all the blogs.

  • Concepcion Cazares

    I loved it,.this needs more publication for the world to see.So many ppl have issues in life w/the type of body images they should have.Going to place that are not what appearded to be in their ad’s and so on.It might sound trival to some but this is a very controversial subject.It’s amazing that someone so young would come upon such a subject.Keep proving what I awlays say,”This generation is more advanced than we were @ their age” until I stumble on your next subject.May all your dreams/goals come to pass in this lifetime — Concepcion

  • The face transplant one looks fairly creepy! Although I don’t get the Free Willy one…what do you mean about the water?

  • hahaha… ROFL :D

  • E

    I don’t see the disaster in #5. :/

    • lucascott

      well not a photoshop one.

  • larrybud

    #1 is a mirror in the room.