Zip Up Files to Hide Your Secrets [How to]

zip-icon Zip files are a great way to pack up a collection of files to send them to other people, usually in an email. At least three or four times a year, I run into someone who doesn’t know how to zip up a collection of files in Windows. I ran into three people in the last two weeks at work.

Years ago, you had to have a third party tool such as WinZip to create and open zip files. In 2001, Windows XP was released with built-in zip capabilities. Microsoft decided to call these compressed folders.

Not only is it easy to use the built in zip features in Windows, it’s also possible to password protect zip files so that others can’t open the files inside them. However, even though a zip file is password protected, you can still see a list of files inside it. I have always hated that, but I found a way around it.

Here is how to hide all of your top secret files in a zip file (or compressed folder).

First, let’s create two zip folders. You’ll see why we need two of them shortly.

To create a zip folder, right click into any folder or in an empty place on your desktop, and choose NewCompressed Folder.


Let’s choose Stuffand Top Secretas the names of the new zip files.

Now we can add some top secret files to our Stufffolder. I’m going to add a JPG picture to it here. I’ll open up Stuff.zipby double clicking it, then drag the JPG file into it.


Now let’s add the Stuffzip file to the Top Secretzip file.


Now we need to add a password to the Top Secretcompressed folder.


You’ll have to type your password in twice to confirm it.


That’s it. The next time anyone opens that zip folder, all they’ll be able to see is a file named If they try to open it or extract it, they’ll have to know the password you’ve set.


As you can see, all of the files inside the are hidden. That’s why we needed two zip files.

As a final cleanup step, you can delete the older copies of Stuffand the JPG. These are safely and securely inside the Top Secretzip folder now.


These techniques will work in all versions of Windows released after XP, as well as XP itself.

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If you have your own special way to hide secret data, let us know in the comments below.

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  • Or just hide your sensitive data, inside an encrypted partition on Linux, or in a Truecrypt volume on Windows.

    Both are virtually uncrackable and easy to unmount.

    Greets!!! :-)

    • Hi Giorgos, I'm happy to hear from you. Yes, TrueCrypt is awesome. I like the fact that it's volumns are virtually undetectable.

      However, if I need to send a private attachment to a friend, via email, this technique is handy. It's not very secure and can easily be cracked, but most people wouldn't go to that much trouble.

      The fact that it doesn't require you to install any apps to access it is a big selling point for me.

      I checked your link to Mame. Would you care to tell us more about it? You can write me here – clif at techie-buzz, or at my still valid address that you have.

      Best wishes,


  • Good article Clif.. I too have written a post in my site which tells you how to lock a folder without any software..! I found this method on some site long back.. But it works really good.. It's really a unique method..I have created a Dos file which locks the files for you.. It works only on Windows as it has been done in DOS.. Here's the link :

    • Hi Karthik – checked your post. How can you say it doesn't take any software? You have to download and use a file named Locker.exe.

      If you still have the DOS code, I'd be interested in that. I have no use for an EXE. There are tons of those out there which do the same tasks.

      Sorry if that sounds harsh. I speak my mind.

      Best wishes to you


      • I actually had uploaded the .exe file for people who do not know how to use a .bat file.. Here's another version of the file.. It is a .rar file consisting of one bat file and another file.. I actually found the way to lock the files on some other site.. I modified it and added an option for password.. Check it out.. It's all done in DOS.. You can check out the DOS code if you want.. Here's the link :

        • Very cool, Thanks Karthik.
          I understand what it's doing. Turns a folder into a hidden shortcut to the control panel. This would work well to keep newbs out of it. It's probably not invisible to third party Windows Explorer replacements tho.

          Thanks again!


          • You're welcome Clif.. And you got it exactly right.. It turns it into a shortcut to control panel.. It's useful to hide files for people whose computer is used by many people like parents or relatives or friends..:)

  • Nice tutorial, I do mine a lot more advanced…not even professional techs will know where my stuff is. You can also hide any file into a picture.



    • Hi Sourabh – I'm sorry – you will have to go the the dark side of the internet for advice like that. Be extremely careful when surfing those places. Most will try to infect your computer. A good search term is "crack password rar".

  • Wow, this is a very cool trick.. have to try it cause I have so many top secret files to be password protected.. :P Thanks

  • Sandy


    I didnt found this Compressed zip folder option under New –

    all i got is winzip and winrar.

    And this method is not working with me in Winzip.

    So how do i get this compressed (Zipped) folder option ?????

    • Hi Sandy – when you install Winzip, it removes the Compressed folder option. If you want it back, you will have to uninstall Winzip.

  • sajeevan

    bullshit. any kid can do this………………

  • Zach

    Well this program with my usb drive is called SecretZip and it allows the program to hide files within a vfo file which can only be read with the program. You cant open or see what is inside of the file unless you enter the password. You can put several passwords on the files too.