Watch Hulu Videos Outside US Without Proxy Server

There have been several ways to watch and access Hulu videos outside US in the past, however, Hulu has been blocking those tools and most of them no longer work. However, now a Reddit user has come up with a way to watch Hulu videos outside US without having to use a proxy server or VPN.


However, accessing Hulu Videos outside US is not pretty straightforward and will require you to perform several tasks. You will also have to use the Firefox browser and install a .

Access Hulu Videos Outside US for Free

Step 1: Download Firefox (if you don’t have it already) and install the Modify Headers add-on (download here)

Step 2: In Firefox, go to Tools -> Modify Headers and from the drop down box select add and enter “X-Forwarded-For” in the first input box and enter the IP address of any US website and click enter.

Step 3: You will need to block TCP and UDP port 1935 since Hulu Flash client tries to connect to that port. Once you have blocked that port it will fall back to Http. To block TCP and UDP ports on Windows, visit this page.

To UDP and TCP port on a Mac, type this in a terminal window:

sudo ipfw add 0 deny tcp from any to any 1935
sudo ipfw add 0 deny udp from any to any 1935

Linux users will have to do this through the iptables by running the following commands:

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 1935 -j DROP
iptables -A INPUT -p udp --dport 1935 -j DROP

That’s it, this trick should allow you to watch Hulu videos outside the US at-least for a while till Hulu comes up with a fix for it. Using this trick might block Flash on other websites, so use it only when you want to watch Hulu videos.

(Reddit via Life Hacker)

12 thoughts on “Watch Hulu Videos Outside US Without Proxy Server”

  1. After blocking port 1935 is there a way to "unblock" it??? Will blocking this port cause any problems while using my mac and safari or firefox??


  2. Not working for me. Anyone has an IP that will work? I believe the port blocking stops the viewing from working, because upon removing the Firewall block it showed me I cannot play this from my geographical region.


    Posted from Norway (Europe)

  3. seems vpn is still the best way to access stuff from outside the US. I guess ill have to stick with my hidemynet vpn account for awhile longer. I wish hulu would just allow worldwide viewers already. I doubt that will ever happen due to licensing restrictions.

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  5. I use VPN services of supervpn who allows me to bypass all internet restrictions that are preventing from making VoIP calls at my current location.

  6. 11 Dec 2011
    Please, can you tell me the commands to type in the terminal window on Mac to UNblock TCP and UDP port 1935? That is, new commands to undo the commands listed above and restore my system to its original settings?
    Thank you kindly for your assistance.

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