View Google Analytics For Current Day

Google Analytics is one of the best and widely used analytics tool. In addition to it being free it also has lots of features. The annoying factor with Google Analytics is that whenever you login it shows you the analytics for the past 30 days and not the current day.

There is a workaround to viewing the data for the current day using a bookmarklet.

Drag and drop the Analytics Today Bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. Once you have done this you will need to make a change in the bookmarklet code. For this first login into your analytics account and load the site you want to view the stats for.

In the URL you will see a parameter called as id (?id=xxxxxx) copy the site id from the URL and edit your bookmarklet by right clicking on it and choosing properties. In the location for the bookmark you will see some text which says “YOURIDHERE” without the quotes. Replace this text with the site id you just copied from the URL.

Click on Ok to save the bookmarklet. Next time whenever you want to view the statistics for the current day just click on this bookmarklet. This definitely saves time you would spend on changing the date using the visual tools available in Google Analytics.

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