How To Update To iOS4 on iPhone 3GS, 3G and iPod Touch

will be out shortly, in-fact it is only a matter of few hours away. If you haven’t yet read about iOS4, it is a rechristened name for the OS 4, which has a lot of new features, including Multi-tasking, folders for apps, unified inbox, wallpaper support and more.

iOS4 Logo

iOS4 though also is a bit of a battery drain and can make you run for the charger faster than iPhone OS 3.1.3, however, with the slew of new features it is definitely a exciting upgrade. So how do you upgrade to iOS4? Read ahead.

How To Update iOS4 on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch

iOS4 will be released to the general public on June 21, this is different from the iOS4 GM release which was released for developers.

To upgrade to iOS4 on your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch, you will first of all have to upgrade iTunes 9.2, you can download or upgrade iTunes 9.2 using the Apple Update manager.

iOS4 Upgrade iTunes

Once you have updated your iTunes, connect your device, accept the terms and visit the summary page for the device.

On that page, you will see a button to “Check for Update”, click on it to see if the new iOS4 update is available for your device. If there is one you can then follow the normal upgrade process and your iPhone 3GS, 3G or iPod Touch will be updated to use iOS4. Enjoy.

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  • Syed Ali Raza Shah

    Hii… I am using iPhone 3GS 16GB and its having the software 3.1Version new 4.1 IOS is Available but i am afraid to update it because of the Applications i have … so please let me know Will the Data and Installed Applications in my iPhone will Removed if i upgrade my iPhone to the Latest Version ????
    w8in for the Reply …

  • Bakar

    I have a 1st generation iPod Touch. It’s at 2.2.1, and iTunes says that this is the current update. Am I not able to update it any further?

    • @Bakar – iPod Touch 1st Gen is excluded from the most recent updates for the OS.

      • bob

        is that the same for the i phone 3g first gen

  • allen saunders

    Im using this Iphone 3gs and for some reason it was updated to 4.1 now it’s locked and cannot be detected by my itunes. it cannot perform anything but making emergency calls. how do i solve this?

  • fred

    i just buy a iphone in singapore and im trying to update here in the philippines but my sim ( smart)is not recognized what will i do please help me. i want to update my iphone to ios4.2

  • c

    my iphone 3g says that i have the most recent update but on the apple website it says that 3g iphones can get lots of stuff like a personal background and stuff which my iphone does not have. does anyone know what my problem is?

  • harmanjit

    i have update my iphone 3gs ,,but my mobile software are crupted ,,plz help me??????????

  • Seav Er

    i just update my iphone 3Gs to ios 4.2.1 . It ‘s completely broken now coz the logo of apple becomes the logo of apple in the shape of ghost ‘s head!! we can start the phone but it will automatically restarts in every 2 minutes!!

  • tipdarath phal

    i use Iphone 3GS. now it error when receive msg. it always get into safe mode so when i receive msg i have to restart my springboard to make it work properly. what i have to do now??

  • Carlii

    I have the 2nd Generation iPod touch and it won’t let me upgrade to the 4.0 software everytime I try it says that there was an error while it was being backed up and I always back it up before I try to upgrade but it still doesn’t work. Any clue on why it does this or how I can fix this problem?

  • iPhoneNEWBIE

    my friend said that i need to jailbreak my phone again after i this true?

  • danish prasla

    hello… well i have a question… first of all all a suddenly my iphone wont charge… it only charges when turned off… when it turns on later guess what… it dosnt charge… help me, i cant restore my computer dosnt detect… ive tried on diff computers and its driving me CRAZY!

  • vicki

    i was updating my ipod and and it froze on its screene what do u do…????

  • rocco

    I upgraded my software on my iphone 3g now my apps won’t work, anyone know why?



  • Bought 2, iPhone 3GS about 9 months ago. About 3 months ago, one started dropping calls. I spoke to ATT & Apple. ATT did some things to “reset the phone to the tower”, so they say. Apple did nothing. The problem began getting worse. If I’m talking on the phone and get a text, the call will drop. Always shows 3 to 4 bars in signal. Called ATT 9 times since the problem started, called Apple 3 times, and ATT also did a 3 way conference call with Apple & me, twice.

    Apple swears it is a software problem with ATT sim card, so ATT replaced the sim card. Did not help. ATT swears it is a hardware problem. Long story short, I have been paying over 100.00 for the past 3 months, but can’t make calls longer than 20 seconds. Home button also started acting up. Sometimes you have to push it very hard several times to get any reaction. And you have to push it on the right hand side of the button or it will not work.

    Apple finally gave in, because the hardware warranty is still good, and said to take it to the local Apple store for replacement, because of the home button, not because it was dropping calls. Well, Apple store in Lafayette Louisiana does not handle iPhones….hmmm there’s a kick in the teeth. Apple tells me to go to THAT store, but that store is useless when it comes to phones.

    So, I bring the phone back home, and called ATT again. This time to cancel the account. I have been a ping pong ball between Apple & ATT long enough.

    Again, they do conference call with Apple, but now Apple wants 35.00 from me to send them the phone… why?? The phone only weighs a few ounces, I can FedEx overnight for about 15.00. I refused to pay anything. It’s under warranty, and they have been shinning me on for 3 months. I told ATT that I wanted to end the conference call with Apple and proceed with canceling the contract. ATT said I had to pay a penalty for canceling early. I told them to take me to court, I refuse to pay that also, simply because I have paid over 300.00 in the last 3 months for service that I didn’t get. The phone is a great iPod, but a terrible phone during the last 3 months.

    So, then ATT steps up, and offers me a free phone upgrade, 3 months early. I was surprised, but interested. I refused their offer for another iPhone, simply because of Apple. I would never ever buy another iPhone. Not that they are all bad phones, but because support is non-exsistant, even with warrenty and Apple care. Apple has offered absolutely no support in the past 3 months. They have done nothing all the way through this nightmare, but blame ATT’s network, which is bull. I can use the other iPhone, make a call and talk for hours, hang up, call the same person with the bad phone, and the call drops within 20 seconds. I know it’s not the network. I did take ATT’s offer for the HTC 4 Inspire. My total out of pocket cost for this phone was 4.06.

    ATT waved all the fees and didn’t ask me for anything except 4.06 which was some kind of tax that they couldn’t get around.

    So, be careful spending money on Apple care…. because Apple, really doesn’t care!

  • anya

    What if my 3gs is an unlocked carrier? Would I need to unlock it again? If yes, how do I do it? Thanks.

  • dan evans

    i have an iphone 3 and when i check for updates on my itunes it says 4.2.2 or something like that is up to date.. does anyone know why it wont let me update to new er software???
    much thanks

  • Shankar Ram

    Hi Keith,
    I have bought iphone 3G in US in Dec2008, and after came bk to india, i unlocked it Bangalore in one of the mobile shop and using it till now. My OS is 2.2 version, i want to upgrade it to OS 4.2 or more. if i upgrade OS thru itunes by myself. will it get lock again? PLS HELP ME for this. Bcz im not able to install any of apple apps in my iphone.

    • @Shankar – If you upgrade your OS, you will lose the unlock on the phone and will have to unlock it again

  • hahahahahah

  • nice job @keithdsouza.

  • Mohamed

    Hi I want to ask about my phone it’s 3G when I make donlowed for skype or any thing it’s writ me update required this app required iOS 4.3. How I can do .thanks for your helpe

  • Britney =)

    how do you upgrade ur iphone. i just got a iphone 3gs and i am so clueless. i am trying to download a game and it is saying this app requires iOS 4.3 so i figured it need a major upgrade. help me plz. =)

  • Amazing web sight

    Thank you sooooooooooo much 1 of the best web sights ever

  • Brittany:)

    I think this isnt very explanatory

  • rowena

    I have an iphone 3gs, i need to update, which one can i use, ios or os4? how do i upgrade it?