How To Update To iOS4 on iPhone 3GS, 3G and iPod Touch

will be out shortly, in-fact it is only a matter of few hours away. If you haven’t yet read about iOS4, it is a rechristened name for the OS 4, which has a lot of new features, including Multi-tasking, folders for apps, unified inbox, wallpaper support and more.

iOS4 Logo

iOS4 though also is a bit of a battery drain and can make you run for the charger faster than iPhone OS 3.1.3, however, with the slew of new features it is definitely a exciting upgrade. So how do you upgrade to iOS4? Read ahead.

How To Update iOS4 on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch

iOS4 will be released to the general public on June 21, this is different from the iOS4 GM release which was released for developers.

To upgrade to iOS4 on your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch, you will first of all have to upgrade iTunes 9.2, you can download or upgrade iTunes 9.2 using the Apple Update manager.

iOS4 Upgrade iTunes

Once you have updated your iTunes, connect your device, accept the terms and visit the summary page for the device.

On that page, you will see a button to “Check for Update”, click on it to see if the new iOS4 update is available for your device. If there is one you can then follow the normal upgrade process and your iPhone 3GS, 3G or iPod Touch will be updated to use iOS4. Enjoy.

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  • yan

    what if im already on the GM seed?

    • @yan – You will most likely see an option to update because the latest version will be higher than the GM seed.

  • Gurtaj

    Is the iOS4 software released in Canada?

    • @Gurtaj – The iOS4 update will be available on June 21, most likely at 10AM Pacific Standard time according to rumors. Once it has been released it will be available worldwide which means you will get it in Canada too.

  • Debu

    Warning ****** Do Not Update if you Rely on an Unlock ******* If you update you will loose your Carrier Unlock.

    • me زليق

      Dear Debu
      can you be more specific or clarify more “what do you mean”, because i had my iphone 3gs was updating to iso4 during that i recevied error message # 1602. when i tried to start my i phone it did not

      please any help


  • Lindsy

    I have an iPhone 3GS and I have the latest version of iTunes (9.2). When I click on "Check for Update" it says that I have the latest version (3.1.3)… do you know why it won't let me upgrade to ios4?!

    Thanks so much!

  • SAQ

    it is because the new iOS4 is not yet released for general market. Although the release date is today i.e. 21st of June 2010, but I suggest you to try after few hours as the exact release time is not defined by Apple.

    • ldeschenes

      SAQ Apps does not work anymore after upgrading to iOS4 : always get message "Vous devez être connecté à Internet pour utiliser cette application". All other apps that required Internet do work with iOS4…

  • TimD

    I'm in the same boat as "Lindsy"; iPhone 3GS in Canada. No dice yet, guess I'll click the "Check for Updates" box every couple of minutes for the next few hours…

    • rolando

      Hey guys Im in nyc and i just started to download iphone os 4.

  • Suzi Q

    I have a first generation IPod and whenever I connect my IPod to the computer and go to the summary page on ITunes, it says I do not have an update. Why does it say that?


    • iLike

      1st gen iPod Touch is not supported in iOS 4.

      • Aaron

        stupid…. found my answer though. Thanks!

  • shawn

    i have just updated my itunes to version 9, and went to the summary page and clicked check for updates, which came back saying version 4 is the most recent. is that saying i successfully updated the iOS4?

    • Johon

      No, it means that iOS4 is available but you have not updated it

  • Chandresh

    I bought my iPhone 3GS from UK (provider was 3) and it was originally in unlocked state. I got the box sealed pack and I dont think that 3 has unlocked it.

    My question is, if I upgrade to iOS4, will it stay unlocked or will there be any other problems.

    Can we go back to 3.1.3 from iOS4?

    • ashuj

      yes,u can go back…….but in ur case i dont think it will lock it again,,,it will remains the same,,,,,njoy dude

      • Chandresh

        Initially I was worried that it will lock but nothing as such hapenned. I successfully installed iOS4 and its working great. Now I am getting reminder to install 4.0.1 which I am not really interested as that fix is basically for iPhone4 and might not help in my case.

  • Robin

    OMG has anyone else had problems with their phones after installing the iOS4 update? Everything, and I mean everything, is gone. I cannot get any of my contacts back and the phone keeps freezing. Anyone have any ideas other than to call Apple?

  • AJ

    Hi, i downloaded the update to ios4, but im not able to mulitask or have a "back ground". Does anyone know why, i have a

    2nd Gen 16 GB Ipod touch


  • AJ

    Ok so by jailbreaking it, is it going to let me run their mulitasking and backgrounds, or just let me download "backgrounder" and a theme or background that i want…

  • Lauren

    Hi updated to the iOS4 and I have everything but multi tasking, I have a iPhone 3Gs. Any idea how to make it multitask??

  • hiraishin

    my iPod is jailbroken with blackra1n and running 3.1.2, how can I update it to ios4? help pls.

  • Dinesh

    i could't upgrade my iphone 3gs with ios4 even, my itunes is 9.2 if, i try 3times it show error megs only always give me best way to urgrade my iphone 3gs to ios4

  • Ibra

    my iphone 3GS doesn't turned to ios4.. although i downloaded it many times, but in every time it won't install it in the iphone after downloading it in the laptop.. the last thing it shows is backing up my iphone and nothing will happen to the iphone after that.

    what to do please!!!!?

  • Nathaniel Divinagrac

    My current version in my iPod Touch is 4.0.2(8A400). I can already make folders and all but i cant multitask. When I double click the Home Button it simply closes the application. Why is that so? Please help thanks!

    • ibra

      Is it 2nd or 3rd Generation!!?

    • rob

      mine does to

  • dawn

    I’ve updated my iphone to 4.0.2 but i’m still not able to multitask or use images for my home page wallpaper. Please help:D thanks.

  • Lily

    I have an iPod 3g. I have a 4.0.2 software, according to my iTunes. But I don’t have any of the multitasking or home page background features. Why? D;

    • You can try to install backgrounder or proswitcher

    • Nathan W.

      i have the same prob

  • Nikki

    I have an Iphone 3Gs, and I don’t have internet at my house, but if I download Itunes onto my friend’s computer, I will update to IOS 4. I’m just wondering if I should? I don’t know if I want to drain my battery like that, but I really want the updates.
    Are there any other cons to the update? Like, crashes or anything?

  • aakash

    m havin iphone 3gs-16GB
    n its updated at 3.1.3
    n nw i want 2 update it in 4.0.1 bt honestly i dnt kw how to update it
    if can sugest me a place out here in mumbai so i can

  • FIshhhy

    I have an iPhone 3G 3.1.3 and it was formally jailbroken and now just back to normal. I have tried several times to upgrade to 4.0.1 straight from 3.1.3 . is there a step or firmware im missing or can i just go from 3.1.3 to 4.0.1 . it always shows an error msg when i try upgrade it. what do i do? PLEASE HELP

  • sandeep

    I have an iPhone 3GS (3.1.2 – new bootrom) and it is jailbroken. Please suggest how can i upgrade my iPhone to ios 4.0

  • aliza

    my iphone 3GS was turned to ios4 but the problem is why my iphone not recognize and not supported my sim. will you help me….

  • vassia kavalieros

    what happens with your files when you update 3gs to ios4?