Unlock Locked Google/Gmail Accounts

Have you ever come across scenarios when you try to login to your Google or account and find out that your account is locked?


In many cases, there is not much you can do. You might have to wait between 1-24 hours to get your account working again. Thanks to Technospot.net, we came across an URL which could possibly unlock locked Google/Gmail accounts.


The unlock page contains a email and password field and a captcha, however, there is not indication whether this will actually unlock locked accounts. Nevertheless, if your account has been locked, you might want to try out this page to see if it actually unlocks your account. If you are interested in finding out the reasons on why Google blocks accounts, you might want to visit this Google help page.

P.S. If you are able to unlock your locked Gmail/Google accounts using the URL, please leave a comment on this page so that others can benefit from it.

Unlock Gmail/Google Accounts

44 thoughts on “Unlock Locked Google/Gmail Accounts”

  1. My account login not possible since Dec 2009. showing message that wrong user name or password. I had tried my security question it is also not working. Google account recovery form showing unble to return account. please suggest some solution. Other than google login, with same email and password is working. please help. I had totally lossed my gtalk, orkut etc. account is visible in orkut.
    awaiting for your reply.

  2. help me anyone . From afternoon my google account get locked
    please help me to unlock my google account. It is the second Idof this Wesite Please help me now .I am waiting

  3. the google unlock page works fine, but i am annoyed because i have to unlock my google account each time when i turn on my computer before i can synchronize my gmails via IMAP. maybe the only solution is to create a new account?

  4. i don’t know how to unlock my gtalk account.
    i haven’t used that account since few month.
    well,i signed in it the day after yesterday.
    it was working well!
    But, not now…………:(
    i can’t think why.

  5. I m not able to open my account i’ll enter the correct password.it ask for security question but i forget the answer.tell me what to do.

    Message shown is:

    Hey [email protected], is that really you?

    It looks like you’re signing in to your account from a new location.
    Just so we know this is you — and not someone trying to hijack your
    account — please complete this quick verification.
    Learn more about this additional security measure.

    Answer my security question

    What is your primary frequent flyer number

    Not available until July 14, 2012 due to too many recent attempts.

  6. [email protected] says:

    i have HTC mobile and its required gmail and password, but i am new and i have not gmial account, please help me.

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