Unlock Locked Google/Gmail Accounts

Have you ever come across scenarios when you try to login to your Google or account and find out that your account is locked?


In many cases, there is not much you can do. You might have to wait between 1-24 hours to get your account working again. Thanks to Technospot.net, we came across an URL which could possibly unlock locked Google/Gmail accounts.


The unlock page contains a email and password field and a captcha, however, there is not indication whether this will actually unlock locked accounts. Nevertheless, if your account has been locked, you might want to try out this page to see if it actually unlocks your account. If you are interested in finding out the reasons on why Google blocks accounts, you might want to visit this Google help page.

P.S. If you are able to unlock your locked Gmail/Google accounts using the URL, please leave a comment on this page so that others can benefit from it.

Unlock Gmail/Google Accounts

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  • well. i couldn't get my old account back

    it tells me that there is no account with that name

    ok it is

    [email protected]

  • jhansi

    thnaks yar……… this tip really worked out for me
    i could open my locked google account

  • kusuma

    my gmail account is locked, how do i unlock my gmail account

  • Urmas

    the site said something like "captcha successfully unlocked", but my account is still locked. No idea why, either, I sent a report to Google, but all I got was a reply containing all the useless information that was also presented on Google's help site.

  • erik

    Did'nt help me.

    Got the same response as Urmas.

  • i am unable to open my account

  • Jeannie La Follette

    help I do not know what to do

  • Amy


  • Deji

    Your are the bomb men. This actually unlocked my blocked account. Thanks a MILLION.

  • prince sth

    i dont know how locked my id so plz unlock my id fast

  • prince sth

    all are facing the same problem whyyyyy

    if it goes continues no one will use this ….ok

    plz read our comments also ….

  • Pradeep

    Thanks a lot i am able to unlock my gmail account.Its working fine.

  • dilip

    from afternoon my google account get locked
    please help me to unlock my google account

  • vrrp1213

    man i tried everything to get this unlocked. google password recovery didnt work for me so what can i do do fix it. it i dont get this password reset my droid wont be unlocked

    • praveen

      my gmail account is not opening… its locked

    • edith white

      same thing. email @gmail.com works fine, use same p.w on droid, does not unlock phone. ??

  • Dimple

    This worked for me. Thanks a lot.

  • abhishek

    hi my name is abhishek actually when i try to open my gmail account they shown me invalid email or invalid password but i type write password please help me

  • Neil Gallagher

    This did not help me. It did allow me to set a new password, as other comments have indicated, but I still get the Unusual Activity message when I try to get into Gmail.

  • dhanush

    hey itz friend ma account got unlocked

  • prashant mishra

    my gmail is locked, and i am not able to open any of the google product. please help me as i have not open gmail since a week.
    this is my primary email…..Please help me ….
    [email protected].
    alternate ID : [email protected]

    Please dear if possible try to help me….

  • Sher Agha Ghiacy

    hi everyone,
    this trick is a nice one, but unfortunately it didnt work for me. When I follow this, it says the username or password you entered is incorrect.

    But when i sign in to gtalk with the same email account, it says, Account Bloced. Please show me a way that I can get my account. Is there any other way of getting it like security questions to be answered? like birth day or blabla?
    Thank you

  • DTAE

    Didn’t work for me.
    However, while I can’t get into my account via gmail, it works fine through igoogle.com and via my IMAP connection in Outlook.

    It has been over 24 hours and still not been unlocked, nor have google responded to my emails.

  • Yagna Nayak

    hey frnd plss.. help me some 1 has hacked my gmail account but i got the password back but during log in it is showing that my account has been locked.. wat 2 do… frnd.. help me out plsss

  • BobF

    account locked due to unusual activity? Not sure what that could be, been over 2 days. Tried the utility above and it didn’t work. Able to access mail using iPod/iPhone, but not using any browser on several different computers. Frustrating when all you can do is fill out online forms to get google to “fix”. I have plane ticket info that I can’t get to. :(

  • Sherri

    Worked for me. Thanks!

  • rajesh

    hey frnd plss.. help me some 1 has hacked my gmail account but i got the password back but during log in it is showing that my account has been locked.. wat 2 do… frnd.. help me out plsss