How To Uninstall Adobe Flash Player?

Adobe Flash is one of the most important plugins you can have on your browser, however it is also one of the main culprits that causes most of the browsers to freeze.

If you have recently downloaded the latest update from flash you will not be able to uninstall Adobe Flash from the add/remove program, this is a security measure that has been put in place by Adobe.

However what if you want to uninstall Adobe Flash and install it again? To overcome the barrier Adobe has made available a tool to completely uninstall Adobe Flash Player.

The tool is available for both Windows & Mac OS X, using this tool you can completely uninstall Adobe Flash if it is causing problems for you and then reinstall it again.

You will find the downloads for your OS (Windows/Mac) in this knowledgebase article from Adobe.

Please make sure to close all programs before you uninstall Flash as many applications use Flash and this may cause problem. Thanks Sandip.

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