Tutorial – PowerPoint 2010 Basics Lesson 8: Building a Logo in PowerPoint

This is lesson 8 in a series of PowerPoint Tutorials I have been doing. If you are interested in the previous lessons and would like to catch up, see the Table of Contents at the bottom of this post. In our last lesson, we played with shapes a little. We learned how to use the rotation handle to turn a text box 90 degrees. We also inserted a horizontal scroll shape and added text to it. Today, I would like to play with shapes a little more, but with a different purpose in mind. Today we’re going to use PowerPoint to create our own custom logo.

Pictured below, you can see the logo that we’re going to build in this lesson. In doing this, you will learn several different concepts when it comes to working with shapes and graphics.

Sample Logo

First, let’s add a new blank slide to our presentation. Now, let’s add some shapes to our slide. From the “Shape” menu on the ribbon, select the “Oval” shape. It should be listed under the heading “Basic Shapes”. Now, by clicking and dragging, draw an oval about half the size of the slide. It should look something like what is pictured below.

first oval

Now, draw a second oval that covers the majority of the slide. Don’t worry about hiding the oval you already have. We’ll get that all straightened out here in a second. You should see something like I have pictured below.

Second Oval

Now I know that you are probably concerned that your little oval is now covered up. This is no big deal as it is still there. You have to think of these shapes as layers, kind of like a sandwich. You can change this order at will. First, let’s change the color of this second oval to something darker. Double-click the middle of the big oval. This should highlight a “Format” tab on the ribbon. Now, find the tool that says “Shape Fill” and select a dark blue color from that dropdown. Under “Shape Outline” select “No Outline”. Now, let’s get our little oval to the front. The way we’re going to do this is by right clicking the big oval, find the menu option that says “Send to Back” and then select “Send to Back”.

send back

Now you should see the lighter colored oval in the front. Now my little oval is way too small so I am going to resize it by clicking it, grabbing the corner dots, and dragging them out to resize the shape. Go ahead and give this a try. Try to make it just slightly smaller than your big oval. Once you do this, the next thing to do is get these two ovals aligned center. If you hold the “CTRL” key on your keyboard and then push the letter “A” on your keyboard, this will select all objects on the slide. Once you have everything selected, choose the “Align” button on the ribbon, as seen below.


We’re going to do this twice. First, we will select “Align” and choose “Align Center”. Then, we will choose “Align” and select “Align Middle”. Now everything is perfectly centered on the slide. Referring back to our logo earlier, you will see we have a globe in it. To get this picture, go to “Insert” on the ribbon and choose “Clip Art”. On the right side of the screen you will get a search box. Type “globe” and check to make sure that “photographs” are selected under the “Selected media file types” box. Once you have this set, click “Go”. Now you will see a variety of globe related images. Find the blue globe with gridlines and click it. This will insert the globe into your slide and will probably cover your ovals. Select the globe and shrink its size by using the resize handles, or dots, and shrink it down.

The next issue we have is the globe has a white background. How do we get rid of that? No problem! Double click the globe and look on the ribbon toolbar for a button labeled “Color”. From the “Color” menu select “set transparent color”. Notice your mouse changes. Click on the white area in the picture. Notice all the white background disappears. Now all we need to do is center the globe. Same concept as with the ovals, just click “Align” and then “Align Middle” and “Align Center”.

Last but not least, let’s add our “Techie Training”. Click the “Insert” tab and choose “WordArt”. Select a style that you like. You will see a text box that says “Your Text Here”. Type “Techie Training” in that box. Now, you will notice in my logo, I have the text arched. To achieve this effect, click “Text Effects”, choose “Transform”, then select the “arch up” effect. Once you have the arch, click the edge of your WordArt shape and drag it to the top of the smaller oval. Once everything is in place, do another select all command or ctrl+a. With everything selected, right click the middle of the logo and choose “Group” and then “Group” again from the submenu, as pictured below. Voila! Now you have all the shapes combined together as one unit that all move together. Right click this logo and select “Save picture as” and you can save your new logo as a file on your computer! How cool is that?


Hope you have enjoyed today’s lesson. As always, please feel free to ask questions or send comments.

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