How To Switch Back to Old Google Search from New Interface

So you decided to try out the new Google interface to see how it looks and did not like it all that much. What is the easy way to switch back to the old Google Search Interface after using the new Interface?

The answer is simple, just clear all the cookies for your browser and you should be switched back to the plain old Google Search interface. You can also try out the handy tool called CCleaner to clear cookies and other temporary files from different browsers at once.

2 thoughts on “How To Switch Back to Old Google Search from New Interface”

  1. How do i get the old search interface back if i google automatically put the new one up. Ive never “tried out” the new one using java its just there, and im not lovin’ it…

  2. Hey this doesnt work, Help me plz, my net is slow, and The new interface really Sucks. . . help me to go back to the old one plz

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