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*See updates at bottom to find more ways to restore Gmail Interface

Recently Gmail rolled out a new interface for all it’s users, however, unlike earlier, they haven’t provided a prominent option for users to switch back to the Old Gmail interface.

The new interface includes an enhanced contact manager and some enhanced visual changes. However, change does not go down very well with many people, and unlike other email providers, Gmail does provide an easy way to switch back to the older interface.

Switch Back to Old Gmail

In order to switch back to the old Gmail interface or completely get rid of the new Gmail interface, scroll down to the bottom of the Gmail webpage and click on the “older version” link to switch back to the old Gmail interface.

Yes, it was as simple as that. So if you had problems with the new Gmail interface click the link and you will be taken back to what you like. Have fun.

Update: Clicking on the older version link takes you back to a very old version without support.

Though completely switching back to the old interface is not possible yet, you can use some scripts to get back some of the old Gmail interface back. Please note that Greasemonkey scripts will work out of the box on and with the Greasemonkey add-on on .

If you are using , Internet Explorer or Safari, read our earlier guide on how to run Greasemonkey scripts on Opera, IE and Safari.

Tools/Scripts to Get Old Gmail Interface Back


Remove Remove Left Menu – This userscript will remove the tasks link from the sidebar and only retain the Mail and Contacts link. it also compacts the left menu to use lesser space and removes unwanted CSS from it. Download the userscript.

More scripts will be added once we come across them.

Update 11/02/2011: Learn how to switch back to Old Gmail Interface in the newest update from Gmail.

Update: 04/20/2012: Check out a new way to restore Old Gmail Interface using a Stylish script.

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  • Keith, this older version link takes me back to the really old version. I tried it thinking that I could get rid of the latest Gmail changes announced yesterday. But instead, it took me back to a very old version which had a lot of features (including Gmail Labs) missing.

    • You can always switch to the Newer version by clicking on the link in the right hand side, will update this post shortly with more details

  • Don

    Amazingly enough, when I scroll down to the bottom of the page all those options are missing. I had the ActiveInbox extension installed and I wonder if that further messed the page up. My basic problem is that I have a laptop and the new gmail inbox page seems to not fit properly in it. I get a horizontal scroll bar on the bottom often as if it doesnt fit the width, and I HATE the new minimalist inner vertical scroll bars. Too many things within things to scroll down in to see everything, and I wind up not seeing everything. I also can no longer access my contacts list for clicking on for IMing my partner. Just doesnt feel like an improvement! Do I need to do something else to make this all work? I am using the Google Chrome Browser on Windows 7 on an HP G60 laptop (and I am really a Mac guy).

    ps when I tried to hit the submit button on your page here it wanted me to enter a valid website url on the box to the left of this edit box, underneath my email address, even though it said optional, and I dont have a website really…

  • umesh vs

    am not getting option like revert to the old look in settings pls any one send me the solution for this my mail id is [email protected]