Switch Back to Old Facebook News Feed

If you are one of the many people who were surprised to see a new homepage on , here is a quick tip that will allow you to switch back to the old Facebook Feed.


Step 1: Click on the more link in the sidebar in Facebook Home.

drag_facebook_status_updates status_updates_on_top

Step 2: Drag the Status Updates menu item and add it to the top of the sidebar.

Step 3: Refreshing the page will now display the live feed to you instead of the news feed by default. Enjoy.

You can also make use of Facebook Lite (http://lite.facebook.com) to view status updates instead of news feeds as default.

[via Steve Rubel Lifestream]

3 thoughts on “Switch Back to Old Facebook News Feed”

  1. hi i don’t know what happened but i clicked the link to get the old news feed but then i realized it was kind of messing up my computer and i can’t believe im saying this but i would rather have the timeline newsfeed layout back. please help me i have no idea how to uninstall this mess!

    1. totally! and now they cant go back. there is that stylish script but … whatever. and at the same time gmail was messed with and i was so comfortable using it, now i cannot revert without a script. it is still messed up in places

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