How To Secure Your Orkut Account In 5 Easy Steps

Orkut is the no.1 social networking site in India. Though Facebook has a large user base in India, it is not even close to Orkut. Orkut is hugely popular in India, because it matched the Indian minds in terms of simplicity. Though Orkut is simple, it is not secure as compared to Facebook. Today, we will show you how to completely secure your Orkut account in 5 easy steps.

Before we start, let me first tell you that this post is specially written, keeping in mind, the users within the age group of 13 to 24 years.

First you will first need to go to the settings and then click on the privacy tab as shown below:

Orkut Privacy Settings

Steps To Secure Your Orkut Profile/Account

1) Restrict Access To Your Content

Orkut Restrict Contents

Allow only your friends to view and access your contents. This will help to keep strangers away from your profile. Scrapbook, videos and testimonials contains a lot of personal information, if accessed by others, may result in threats.

2) Friends Request By Known Persons

Orkut Friends Request

Under the friends request section, select the option “anyone who fits one of the following selected options” and then the first option will be automatically checked, leave the other two options as it is. This options will make sure that only your friends will be able to send you the friends request, only if they know your email address. This is an very important feature in Orkut’s security. After enabling this option, you will not get useless and irritating friends request from strangers.

3) Hide Cell Phone Number

Hide Cell Phone Number In Orkut

If you verify your  Orkut  account or any other services related to Orkut, you cell phone number is automatically attached to your account. If you  don’t  want to invite any troubles, select “myself” in the options, as shown above.

4) Show Email Address Only To Friends

Hide Primary Email Address In Orkut

If you don’t want to be a winner of some lottery from South Africa or if you  don’t  want  to buy cheap stuffs at a  heavy  discount, just show your email  address  only to your friends and no one else. Many of my friends who  haven’t  hidden  their  email address,  received  as many as 500 spam messages everyday.

5) Don’t Allow Others To Find You Through Email

Find With Email In Orkut

You may have used your email address in thousands of forums as well as in many other websites. Any one who knows your email address can easily find you on Orkut. Hence it is  recommended  not to allow people to find you through your email address. Many of you may agree with this but there may be a large amount of people who would disagree as their long lost friends would not be able to find them on Orkut. The choice is yours.

Following these steps would definitely make you account much secure  and you  will no more receive  unnecessary  friends request. Parents can assure that, their  kids are miles away from strangers. Happy Social  Networking!

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