Hate Gmail’s New Interface? Get Old Gmail Interface with This Stylish Script

Just like the new Facebook timeline, also recently forced their new theme on users and apparently many people are not happy with this decision. While Gmail earlier provided a simple way to revert back the Gmail interface, that option is no longer available. This has definitely not gone down too well with Gmail users.

So is there any way in which you could revert back to the old Gmail interface? Well, not officially, but you can still do it thanks to a Stylish script.

Old Gmail Interface

The Return of Old Gmail Stylish script is one which resembles the “Old Gmail” interface the most. Although the overall interface is not as neat (see screenshot above), it definitely is one of the best options if you despise the new Gmail interface. The script in question reverts back some of the Gmail styles to the older one and also reverts back the top navigation in Gmail.

You will also find several other Stylish scripts for Gmail, however, the one listed here seems to be the best alternative to get back the old Gmail interface. You can also try out several other themes for Gmail by using this Stylish search.

Please note that users will have to install the Stylish before using the scripts. users can also install the Stylish extension or install the Stylish script as a script and run it as an .

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  • Some people always resist change. Gmail, FB and any other free service have the right to change their interface as they see fit (whether or not you like it is another matter).

    • I’m not resisting change, however I would appreciate it if the change that is being forced on me was actually functional.

    • I just felt that I should also point out that while yes, the service(s) are free, google (gmail, facebook…etc) makes money when we use their “free services” by targeted advertising. So it’s not like they are offering these “free services” out of the goodness of their hearts. And if I am going to be subjected to targeted advertising, I should have the right to voice my opinion about the service.

    • You sound like a real prick!!! Changes suppose to be more user friendly not “nice to have” for guys like you who only using g-mail as chat and entertainment you missed the point

  • how safe is it to use this script? Have the right to change. Give the ones who like the old look the chance to keep using it. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

  • How about instead of a script that ALMOST makes it look like the good version, google listens to all of us (and it seems to be a majority) that detest the new gmail, not only for the looks (honestly, I could adjust to the look) but because of how it is no longer functional. If this issue is not resolved in a week, I will be closing EVERY gmail account that I have and every account with every google service, and I will make sure that people that come to me for computer and internet advice do the same.

  • Sure they have the “right”, too bad the new layout is complete shit. Searching for a new email client as I type.

  • Virginia Canaday Ingersoll

    I don’t like the new gmail and would prefer to stay with the old one, please quit changing it automatically. Thank you this is my computor!!!

  • Mary Kantor

    I object to not having a choice as to whether we want this new look or not; but what I really object to is the WHITE background of the email lists…why can we not change this part of the gmail page as we were able to change the background of the perimeter. I would like to be able to have a darker background and some contrast. This is hideous.

    • Andy

      It’s so ugly it makes me want to drop my gmail account.

  • brent

    Stylish dislaimer:

    “Stylish access your data on all websites”

    WTF im out….

  • how safe is it to use this script? Have the right to change. Give the ones who like the old look the chance to keep using it. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

  • Sarah and Ted from gmail,
    Mareia MariG & Peter J Lennartsson and many thousands of other gmail users.
    have made some excellent points and suggestions to improve the faults in the new look……
    Another important point that wastes space and still has not been corrected, is that you.
    have to moved your sent mail into the inbox to store the “conversation” into a folder.
    When this is done and its in the folder and you try to delete the sent email, you cant.
    or you will delete the whole “conversation”. This means you have a needless duplication.
    of the same stuff, so you can never actually clear down your sent emails. Do you have.
    a solution for this Sarah?

    The whole new design really does give one the impression that it was designed by a student.
    for a “home” project. I am merely one user that recommended gmail to hundreds of folk after.
    I started using gmail with the old look and now have to live with their complaints on the.
    faults in the new look…….

    I was so glad to get away from AOL, but on the changeover and transfer of contacts from AOL,
    not only did I lose all my contacts but AOL stopped me using my AOL email addies. I lost so much.
    valuation information and contacts through the changeover and AOL never reply to my many appeals.
    to get those email addies back. Yet you reassure new users that this changeover can be done.
    without losing anything is just simply not true……

    Why don’t you stop trying to outdo others and put right all the faults reported on.
    the new look, instead of just completely removing the old look. It is just like the childish.
    ongoing competition between browsers. All of them rush to give a new updated version of their.
    old browser instead of working on the older version and putting the faults right. Then we are.
    presented with a new look browser that has even more faults. This is not progression, this is.
    destruction…… and the while look is so very hard on the eyes for busy people.

    Another question, is Gmail actually taking any notice of all the same repetitive complaints.
    and points in the new look, that are constructive and valid, and intend to put them right?
    Or must the consumer just learn to live with those faults?

    Why on earth don’t you listen to some of these obviously very high tech users of gmail.
    that have posted the same valid points over and over again, to try to help you put the faults.
    right in the new look?

    This excellent point made by Peter J Lennartsson is also soooooooooooo true;.
    “””Analytics is changed for the worse, the youtube design is a joke… google+ just gotten worse and.
    now it’s the end of days for gmail as well.. and still Google Search result gets worse and.

  • My mother’s day wish: would somebody please take gmail’s old code and build a new webmail service? If I had wanted to change email service, I would have done so. I am not a techie and have changed my browser to implement Stylish – but it’s all only approximate. So some genius please rebuild gmail and let me know what you call it. Thanks.

  • Ripul

    countless time I’ve mailed them [Google], Their gmail sucks. What a pathertic user experience.

    can someone give us a better mail system.

  • Jill

    Look at google gmail employee. They are bunch of snob nerds. They don’t listen to the users an dit is going to hurt them.

  • m

    I also don’t like the new Gmail look and have run with stylish for a period now, but deactives it because it ‘eats’ the bottom of my sides (only the first page of emails, inbook etc. are shown only black when you scroll down…

  • yaya

    I just forward all my mail to Yahoo! Now Gmail nerdy dipshits can do whatever the heck their rat-brain wants…

  • Rahul

    Hello there.

    Thanks for mentioning my userstyle “The Return of Old Gmail”.

    Whenever Gmail changes some entities in the markup, I have to seek the changes to keep the style up-to-date and proper. I’ve received mixed (overall OK) reviews on the userstyle so far, and the people who don’t want to install an extension won’t like it.