How To Request Your Blog/Website To Be Included In Google News?

As you might know, Techie Buzz was recently approved for inclusion in Google News, this in turn would mean that the blog would get included when people browse for News in Google.

In addition to that many news articles are also displayed when users search for current topics.

It is dream of every blogger to be included in Google News, so how do you apply for getting included in Google News? Like always we will make it simple for you with this article.

Requirements for Inclusion In Google News

There are several requirements for inclusion in Google News, the most important ones are.

  • Your blog should have quality content and should be updated on a regular basis.
  • Your blog should have multiple authors, whose profiles are clearly displayed on the site.

If your blog or website meets the above requirements you can go ahead and put in a request for inclusion in Google News by filling out this form.

Technical Requirements for Inclusion

Once you have been approved it will not automatically mean that you will be included in Google News, there are certain requirements with regards to URLs that you will need to follow.

In order for Google News to be able to crawl your site, your URLs will need to consist of 3 unique characters.

For example:

Your URL may contain more than 3 numbers however if those numbers represent a year Google News will not be able to crawl your content.

Many publishers may not want to change their current URL structure, for this Google has an alternative in the form of allowing users to submit a Google News Sitemap.

This will save you the trouble of updating your URLs, if you are a user, there is handy plugin that will create a Google News Sitemap for your blog. You can download the Google News Sitemap Generator plugin to automatically create a Google News Sitemap for your blog.

For other requirements you can visit the Technical Requirements help page for inclusion in Google News.

That’s it, you fill out a request and wait for a reply from them, once you are approved it may take a few weeks before everything is finalized and your blog/website is crawled and included in Google News.

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