Replace Windows XP Start Button with Windows Vista Orb
By on May 22nd, 2008

Transforming your Windows XP PC to look like Windows Vista can either be a one step process or you could also choose from different applications so that you decide which look and feel you would like to get from Windows Vista to Windows XP. Oh and there is also a easy way to replace the Windows XP sounds with those from Windows Vista.

Well to add to the whole list of things we have been talking about for quite some time, today we will also tell you about another small application that will bring the Windows Vista orb to your Windows XP machine.

The Orb is the start button for Windows Vista which is much more compact than the regular Windows XP start button.


How Do I replace the Windows XP Start Button with Windows Vista Orb?

It is quite simple to do with ViOrb, a start button replacement for Windows XP. In the same way ViStart is a start menu replacement. It will give the start button a Vista look and feel.


We have already talked about getting the Vista start menu to Windows XP and this new enhancement will make the your start menu and task look similar to Windows Vista.

How many of you actual like the visual style for Windows Vista and have taken advice from us and transformed atleast some part of your Windows XP to look like Windows Vista? Do let us know through your comments.

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  • Haris

    I’m using a Vista theme for XP that already has this Orb.

    • Women’s Clothes

      “I’m using a Vista theme for XP that already has this Orb” – same with me as well.

  • Dmitriy DV

    I’m using a Vista theme for XP that already has this Orb too.

  • Fachia

    If allowed to compare between ViOrb and ViStart, which one is better?

  • Chicken Noodle Soup

    I am currently using the Vista Inspirant 2! :)

  • T-gellen

    excellent little program… yer love the look of vista without all the driver problems keep the good work up guys

  • Eugene

    ViOrb is really good thing. +ViSplore +ViStart from Lee-Soft site my XP is looking like Vista at all :)

  • ancu

    very nice program,,,thanks

  • System of a Down

    imho, seven vg refresh rulz :D

  • Franz, with the Hand

    What I really don't like, is that it puts an icon in the system tray. Vishal has the SevenVG theme which does it without cluttering up the tray, but I don't know how to do it without changing themes.

  • sanjay

    in have made another transformer pack for xp change into window 11

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