How to Replace Windows XP Search

Windows XP isn’t going to suddenly go away now that Windows 7 is out. I recently received a new HP Mini netbook as an early Christmas present. Guess what operating system is on it? Yeah, it’s XP, and I’m not disappointed. I still use XP at work and that may not change for a long time yet, considering how the economy is doing.

Now on to the topic …

ms_doggie_search How do you like seeing the little doggie when you use Windows XP search (from the Start Menu) to look for files? It’s a slow search, very slow, and the doggie doesn’t help much. That little doggie has been around since 1995. He first made an appearance in an operating system called MS Bob. No, the name isn’t a joke, and I’ve got a copy of that OS.

How would you like to replace Windows XP Search with something a whole heck of a lot faster?

You can add a faster file search engine to Windows by using a freeware utility named  Reroute XP Search.

defaultSearch It only replaces the search dialog that you see when you hit the Search link in your Start Menu or hold down the Windows Key and tap the Fkey. This does not change what happens when you are in Windows Explorer and you hit F3 or click on search there. So it does do what it advertises, but it would be so much better if it did change all the places you can call up Windows search.

Download a file named from the site, then extract it and run the executable file, RerouteXPSearch.exe. You’ll see a fairly obvious interface to add a replacement 3rd party search tool.


So, what fast search tools do I recommend? Here are three I’ve reviewed in my wiki. I’ve tried them all and like them very much.

SnowBird, AgentRansack, EveryThing

Now when I want to search for a file, I hold down the Windows Key then tap “F, and I’ll be able to find a file far faster than Windows alone can find it.

Download Reroute XP Search

Techie Buzz Verdict:

This little quick and dirty app can prove to be valuable when you need to find files fast. It’s small, stand-alone, and it does exactly what it says it will do.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

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