How to Search Without Ads in Google Chrome

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like the sponsored results and the textual ads in the default Google search results while I’m using the Google Chrome web browser. The sponsored results and ads aren’t only a distraction, they will also sometimes lead you to scams and rip-offs. It all depends on how well Google decides to police their income streams.

Here’s what the search results normally look like. Do you see the sponsored results and ads? (red rectangles)


That’s exactly what I don’t like and I’ll show you how to banish these awful ads from your Google Chrome web browser.

We’ll set you up with a new search engine called Scrooglebecause it’s the only search site that does not contain advertisements or sponsored results. They don’t keep search records, they don’t leave cookies behind, and they provide completely anonymous searches even at work or on a public network. Don’t worry that you’ve never heard about them. Here’s the Scroogle story in a pictogram:


To set Scroogle as your search default, follow these simple steps:

1. Use the wrench pull down menu to open the Optionsdialogs.


2. Click the Managebutton in the Default Searchsection.


3. Click the Addbutton to add a new search provider.


4. Add Scroogleas the search provider and in the URL field, enter the following text:


5. Click OKto save the new search engine. Next use the Make Defaultbutton to make Scroogle your favorite search engine.


6. Click through the Closebuttons and you’re ready to rock the web!

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