How To Remove Applications From Facebook?

Facebook has tons and tons of applications, however there are high chances that you may not even using half of the applications, but still providing full access to your data to them.

Here are some simple steps that will allow you spring clean your account and   remove applications from Facebook.

How To Remove Facebook Apps From Your Profile

Facebook Privacy Settings

Step 1: To remove Apps in the new interface, click on the Account drop down in the right hand corner and select the “Privacy Settings” option

Facebook Edit Apps Settings

Step 2: In the new page, click on “Edit your settings” link under Apps and Websites.

Facebook Remove Unwanted Spammy Apps

Step 3: Click the Remove link next to unwanted and spammy apps

Facebook Remove Apps

Step 4: Click the Close link next to the name of the app you want to remove from your Facebook profile. You can remove multiple apps from this page.

Facebook remove apps instructions for older version.


Step 1: Once you have logged in to your Facebook account, click on the Applications tab in the bottom left hand corner and click on edit applications.

Step 2: In the applications page, find the application you want to remove and click on the x sign in the right hand side.


Step 3: You should see a dialog that will ask you whether you want to remove the application, click on the remove button.

That’s it the application will be removed and all access to your data will be revoked.

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