How to Uninstall/Remove Apps from iPod Touch & iPhone

Apple has a huge app store, full of useful apps and games. Sometimes, you might install apps just to try them out. However, what if you don’t like the app? How do you uninstall or remove them?

Turns out that, uninstalling or removing apps is not pretty straightforward on an iPod Touch & iPhone. Here are some easy steps for uninstalling or removing unwanted apps from your iPod touch & iPhone.


Step 1: Click and hold a app icon for a few seconds. Once you do that, you will see a remove icon on all the apps. In addition to that the app icons will start to shake.


Step 2: Click on the close button on the app, which you want remove from your iPod touch or iPhone. Click on the Delete button in the confirmation message to completely remove the app.

Step 3: The app icons will continue to have the remove icon, even after you have deleted the app. To go back to normal screen, click on the home button.

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  • So, you’re new to the iPhone world, huh? Welcome! Be careful with how much you spend on new apps, though! ;)

  • Mina

    Thanks that really helped, I could not for the life of me figure it out!

  • Ron in DC

    That took me 30 seconds. Thanks. You guys ROCK! I, like Mina, could not for the life of me figure it out. LOL

  • ry

    now this was very helpful. i was looking for a tutorial on how to delete an app directly my my ipod touch 4g 32gb, and i came across with this page. i bought a 2nd hand itouch from someone who i would definitely think is gay coz there were lots of apps that were so damn gay. it makes me kinda sick to see those apps on my itouch (i dont mean to offend gays but this is just my opinion). anyway, thanks techie buzz!

  • leeta

    How to delete facebook apps from ipod

  • Mike

    My son has a iPod touch but I can’t delete a game that is still waiting to load !! His apple ID is with his mums friends address ! Help so frustrating !!

  • Laz

    I’ve deleted an app from both itunes and my ipod touch to re-install it but all the original data are still there, how do you force uninstall these apps? thanks in advance

  • yourmomma

    No help, anyone who has had a smart phone of any sort knows this. Tell me how to remove the preloaded/unwanted stupid apps that apple locks on the ipod touch 5. That would be helpful

  • Genna Thomas

    I need some help! I want to delete and install the facebook app but it says it is installing and doesn’t do anything. I have had this 2 days ago, but when I click and hold the remove icon doesn’t show up, I really need help! :(