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By on December 6th, 2007

Many a times we have great ideas but delay doing something about it. Due to not working in ASAP mode we usually regret at not acting fast enough. Many a times we simply tend to forget what we were thinking. John even has a great post about what to do in such situations. I had also quite early talked about a online note taking tool.

Taking notes about ideas is one of the best things you can do to ensure you never forget them. There may be many such tools to help you take notes and remember about them later on, but today I will introduce you to something that absolutely steals the best spot and also finds a place in my must have applications.

QuickNote is a tiny application which allows you to take notes quickly and efficiently, I can stress the words quickly and efficiently because I have never seen any other note taking application perform so nicely. There are many great features that set apart QuickNote software from other similar softwares which many people tend to use.


QuickNote does not use up lots of memory, it also does not clutter your desktop at all. You can also fire up the application with hot keys so that you do not have to look for the icon and click on it to bring it into focus. The best feature I liked was that it speaks back the notes to you. And mind you the audio is perfectly relayed back to you.

You may think that this is a expensive software but your wrong this software costs you only what we call FREE. Yes QuickNote is absolutely free to download and use. Let us have a more deeper look at the features of quick note.

Hide or Show Quick Notes with Hot Keys

QuickNote allows you to easily show and hide the software with Hot Keys (Keyboard Shortcuts). This allows you to fire up the application whenever you want to add a quick note. By default the Hot Key is Ctrl + Shift + Q but you can change it to anything you want to.

There is also a feature where you can program QuickNote to hide itself when it goes out of focus. If you use this in conjunction with the Sleep mode it provides QuickNote will disappear from view. It will not even show up in your System Tray.

When QuickNote goes into sleep mode it is hard to spot check out the screenshot below. I love this feature as it is almost negligible.


Create Unlimited Categories for Notes

By default Quick notes ships in with two categories Personal and Professional to add more categories you can right click on QuickNote editor and select new categories. Once you do that a new category will be added you can start adding notes to it by right click on the category and selecting add new note.


Listen To What You Have Written

In addition to adding notes you can also to listen to what you have written, this is a great feature when I have written a draft post and want to listen out to it and make changes. Listening to the notes allows me immediately identify mistakes and make correction to it.

I definitely feel this is a rock star function which I have not seen in other note taking applications.


The audio quality is not up to the mark but I would say that it is good enough to allow you to listen to what you have written to. Many people may have some problems with the accent used but once you get used to it, it should not be an issue.

Lock Notes

With this feature you will be able to lock notes so that no edits are possible. This can be useful when you do not want to make any edits to the notes you have. To lock the notes right click on the note or in the note editor and click on Locked. To unlock click on the Locked text once again.

Task Reminders

If you want to get reminded about tasks you have to perform you can to do in easily with QuickNote. There are various options you could use as reminders like opening a particular text file or popping up a text, running a particular file or performing an action.

In addition to these you also have unit converters as an option you could use. The unit converter helps you to convert between distance. Hopefully they will add more units into place. There is also an option to perform Calculations. With QuickNote your can also easily print a note or save it in a regular text file.

Download: QuickNote

My 2 Cents

Ditch every other note taking software and start using QuickNote. The flexibility it has provided is beyond any other software I have used till date. The other best reason is that it is free and still provides me with lots of features to capture my ideas.

I also love the task reminder feature which allows me to setup reminders about things I have to do. I have used Google Calendar so far to remind me about tasks but since I started using QuickNote I have not gone back to Google Calendar.

What software do you use to take notes? Do let me know about it through your valuable comments.

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