How To Recover Unsaved Word Documents? [Hacks & Mods]

Have you ever accidentally closed a word document without saving it? Yes, we have all been through those typical OMG situations.

However did you know that there is a way to recover unsaved word documents, or create a provision to automatically documents?

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Microsoft Word 2007 and above has an option to setup auto recovery of documents.

Go to the Word option (Microsoft Word 2007) from the word menu and navigate to Advanced tab, you will find various unchecked boxes, now check Always create backup copy then Allow background saves that will help you to recover files automatically in the future. The backup of word files are saved with .wbk extension.

In addition to that you can also recover documents from temporary file locations, here is where you might want to look at.

  • C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Word
  • C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp

Thanks to Rockstar Sid, for this useful tip.

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  • Chris

    This saved me a solid 2 hours of work – btw these instructions helped me while using Word on my macbook. Thanks for the valuable advice!

  • I actually have Windows 8 Pro with a trial version of Microsoft Office 2010 and boy let me tell you about my frustration with this mess. You have been the only helpful person I found that got me through and I cannot thank you enough. Seriously. I couldn’t find my file anywhere. When I found it, I still had major issues because it wouldn’t open, but it didn’t matter as much. I thought my document was lost forever in the recesses of my computer, but thankfully I found it. After probably an hour, I used the method everyone recommended, but instead searching for “ALL FILES”, I searched for “recover text for all files” which is something no one mentioned.

    I have my file, and its because of you that I found it. Thanks! Great article!

  • Bert Leen

    Recently i have used this tool its great but i have share one more tool like Kernel for word repair tool to repair and recover corrupt, deleted file form your computer system.

  • Sasha

    Thank you so so much for this information!! This problem was quite complicated for me. I just followed these steps and dealt with it quite quickly. You absolutely saved my life :)) But at the same time I used another source. I read this article. Maybe it will be helpful for you, too: