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Minimize Any Applications to System Tray

Usually many of us have lots of different applications open at a single time which are accessible through the task bar. You may not want to use all the applications but still want them to be open. For example I use Windows Live Writer quite often but I do not use it all the time.

The reason to keep the applications open is that I can easily and quickly access any application I want to without waiting for the delay to start them up. Leaving all the applications on takes up much of the task bar space.

Many applications such as Outlook 2003, Windows Live Mail and all IM clients have the default option where the application is minimized to tray, this is a great option as it keeps the application open but out of the way.

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Watermark Your Images For Free

Many blogs and websites use images to spice up their posts. Most of them are screen shots or images that have been created using image editing tools. Images can be easily copied by any person and used on their own sites passing of the images as their own. There is not much you can do about it as finding and tracking such image thieves is almost impossible.

In such cases watermarking the images with your own personal copyright is the best solution. Watermarking your images would add your copyright notice to the image and thus prevent the image thieves from passing the images as one of their own.

Watermarking each and every image you create can be a pain though and it is time consuming to add custom copyright messages to each and every image. There is a simple way to overcome this problem and you can do it online at absolutely no cost, yes absolutely FREE.

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Create Professional Gif Animations For Free

With advent of online technology it has become quite easy to edit your pictures online or give it some special effects online Photoshop style or if you are a website owner you could also create your favicon for free all of this absolutely free. I have always failed miserably in creating gif animations and after a point left even trying to create it. I could not find any suitable online tool to create animations but that was only until now.

GIFUP is a new service that allows you to create animated gif files online and like always you can do it for free. No more getting costly animations done by designers. With GIFUP you can do it your self with out paying a cent.

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Transform Your Windows XP with Vista Transformation Pack 8

I had earlier written about how you can transform your Windows XP to look like Windows Vista and how to get Windows Vista sounds for Windows XP. Though both those tricks would make your Windows XP look and sound like Windows Vista you would still manually have to install each and every software.

Vista Transformation Pack is a software bundle that makes the task easier for you. You simply have to download and install the software and it will automatically transform your Windows XP to look and sound like Windows Vista.

Vista Transformation Pack is pretty safe and is widely used by a number of users who do not want to make the switch to the expensive Windows Vista platform.


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Create SEO Friendly URL’s Using Mod Rewrite and PHP – Part 1

First of all I am not a SEO Specialist, I just play around with lots of stuff and happened to learn URL Tweaking for better SERP’s. If you are a WordPress user then you will not require to use this trick but if you are a webmaster who owns a product based site or some other site which generates dynamic content based on parameters then this trick is the one which should help you better your SEO rankings.

Let’s look at a example of a URL which does not attract much Search Engine Love. It is hard even for a human to tell what the product is by looking at this URL. With the trick we will use the final URL can look something like this

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Get A Free Privacy Policy For Your Blog / Website

In almost every website that you visit you will see a privacy policy which states to a user how information is collected and how it is used after a user has visited a website, and any other privacy related concerns that need to be addressed to the user.

Blogs in general do not have any sort of privacy policy. Even though it is not compulsory it does make an impact on end users if you have some sort of privacy policy for your blog.

Many bloggers must have made use of the free Disclosure Policy Creator from which helps you create a Disclosure Policy whether or not you get paid to write certain content on the site.

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Get SMS Reminders for your tasks

There have been many a times when I forgotten to carry out tasks I was supposed to do just because I plain forgot them. I do write them down but sometimes those notes get neglected too. Tasks as simple as calling someone on a specific day or your doctors appointment can be forgotten quite easily.

To overcome this I use a simple method so that I can get a SMS message a couple of hours before I am supposed to do something. You do not require to pay anything except if your cell phone provider charges you for incoming SMS messages.

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Create strong passwords that you can remember

I was reading a nice post on about creating strong passwords. The suggestion as always was great but I decided to share a little trick to create passwords that you can easily remember and are also strong.

The key is to substitute alphabets with either numbers or symbols while you mix cases.

A little example where I want to have a password “simple” which is easy to remember and guess too but to make it a little difficult I will substitute the characters in the phrase with numbers and mix cases.

In the word “simple” the character ‘i’ looks like the number 1 and character ‘e’ looks like the number 3, so my simple password becomes s1mPl3. In the above combination I capitalized the 4th alphabet which was a result of the numbers I used in the password; 1 + 3 = 4. Creating such type of passwords are pretty hard to guess and brute force.

This is just a simple algorithm I used to create a strong password that is very hard to crack, even though the password is still “simple” to you it may pretty hard for others to figure out.

The best way is to assign the numbers to the characters randomly and use some logic to capitalize the characters randomly. The replacement of numbers with characters in the above example is just one of the thousands you can choose and create.

Hope you liked this small trick? Do let me know in your comments of whether this is something that will help you create stronger passwords.