Open Firefox Links In Opera

I use a mix of browsers including , , and and juggle between them while reading content on the internet. I do use Firefox a lot, but there are times when I want to open certain links in other browsers.

In the past we have told you about a way to open Firefox links in Google Chrome in the Google Chrome Tips and Tricks post, but what about Opera? Can you open Firefox links in Opera?

Turns out that you can open Firefox links in Opera with the help of a called OperaView. Once you have installed the add-on restart Firefox.

view_firefox_page_in_opera open_link_target_in_opera

The next time you want to open links from Firefox in Opera, right click the link and click on the Open Link Target in Operacontext menu option, if you want to open the current page in Opera, right click anywhere on the page and click on View This Page in Operafrom the context menu.

OperaView is capable of discovering   your current Opera installation, however you can also specify a different Opera version to open links.

If you are wondering, how I have a smarter context menu in Firefox that only displays related items on right click, you may want to checkout a smarter context menu add-on for Firefox.

Download OperaView

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