How To Mute/Turn Google PAC-MAN Sound Off

Google earlier today released a new to celebrate the 30th Birthday of PAC-MAN, now that Doodle is very very cute, however, it is also causing a lot of annoyance to users.

Google PAC-MAN Doodle

Right now there is no official way to turn down the Google PAC-MAN Doodle off or to mute the sound, but here are few ways in which you can actually avoid or stop the PAC-MAN sound from annoying you. Please note that, these solutions might not entirely turn off the sound, but it may help nevertheless.

  • Switch to using I Google ( for the next 48 hours instead of the regular Google homepage.
  • Use your browser address bar to perform searches, works in IE8, , Firefox, and Safari (Make sure your browser default search engine is Google).
  • Use the search box in your browser to search.
  • Stop using Google and try an alternative search engine for a day or two.

These are the things I could think of to get rid of the annoying Google PAC-MAN sound for time-being. However, if you have your own solutions, please feel free to add to this. I will update this post as and when a definitive solution for turning off the Google PAC-MAN sounds comes up.

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  • Bryan

    If you keep hearing the Pacman music in Firefox even without Google open in any tabs, disable the CoolPreviews add-on or update it to stop the music.

  • R Keeler

    Now that goggle has come up with this annoying noisemaker, I will never use google again…

    • Ioan

      THE ANSWER IS HERE! Just CLICK ’search’ with the subject box ‘BLANK’. Goes to web search box “Your search did not match any documents”. SAVE this page as your home page and the you have silence and search from that new Google home page.

  • Usually I logoff igoogle to search withouth google knowing what Ive searched beofre, now this was really a bad ideea. Was fun first bu then.. I was like ffs..

  • Tom

    Google should apologies and compensate for the noise and irritation caused.

  • wharcraff

    What Google and Namco created this weekend was awesome, for those who appreciated the sentiment and love towards a beloved franchise. Sorry for those who didn't get that message because of PC issues. Happy 30th Pac & Ms Pac.