Minimize Any Applications to System Tray

Usually many of us have lots of different applications open at a single time which are accessible through the task bar. You may not want to use all the applications but still want them to be open. For example I use Windows Live Writer quite often but I do not use it all the time.

The reason to keep the applications open is that I can easily and quickly access any application I want to without waiting for the delay to start them up. Leaving all the applications on takes up much of the task bar space.

Many applications such as Outlook 2003, Windows Live Mail and all IM clients have the default option where the application is minimized to tray, this is a great option as it keeps the application open but out of the way.

I was looking for a software that would allow me to minimize any applications to the system tray so that I could keep the applications open but out of view until I wanted to use it.

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