How To Migrate Windows Live Spaces to WordPress

Live Spaces Move to

Step 4: You will be taken to and asked to connect your Windows Live account to Authorize WordPress to access your Windows Live account to continue to the next step. If you already have a account, sign in to your account on the Step 1 and  then authorize your Windows Live account so that you can migrate the Spaces blog to your existing account. If you do not have a account just authorize your Windows Live account and then create a new account under Step 2.

For Step 5, follow the instructions based on whether you already have a account or not.

Live Spaces to Existing User Migration

Step 5 for existing users: Once you have authorized your account, select an option to either create a new blog or merge your Windows Live Spaces blog with an existing account. If you choose to migrate to an existing blog, follow the options given by the migration wizard, if not move to step 6.

Live Spaces to New User Migration

Step 5 for New users: Sign up for a new account and continue to the Next screen.

(Step 6 is common for both existing and new users who choose to create a new Blog for their Windows Live Spaces migration)

Fill New Live Spaces Blog Details

Step 6: Choose a new Blog Domain for your blog and fill or select the rest of the options to create your new blog. Click on the "Signup" button to begin the migration process from Windows Live Spaces to

Now that you have moved to WordPress, enjoy blogging.

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  • I did not like wordpress at all, in fact it was totally useless for my purpose of having a private blog to share with firends and family. In spaces they could all log in with Live ID, but in wordpress they have to have a wordpress account. So I decided to move to blogger/blogspot instead, and I made a migration tool to transfer my old blog. You can read all about it and download the tool/source code here:

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  • Never know about this, WordPress is better and no one competes with it when it comes to blogging

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    is it possible to figure out the url of your old live space blog and bring it up using something like the wayback machine?