KISS Geeks is Now Part Of Techie Buzz

We have a major announcement to make, we are shifting our home to a new place and will be offering all the How To tips at our new home How To @ Techie Buzz.

Techie Buzz is a place where you can get all the latest information about technology and more merging under that family gives us more scope and brand value, however we still have the same philosophy that we had at KISS Geeks and will continue to write excellent tutorials that will help you out with your problems.

We want to make this transition as smooth as possible and have taken care of several things that might affect this transition.

We will continue to offer our RSS feed to the one you are currently subscribed for a month, however we ask you to please update your RSS feed URL to the latest one. If you are a email subscriber please click here to update your subscription.

We are extremely sorry for the changes you need to make to continue getting content from us, but we are working hard to keep the changes at a minimum.

On another note the domain is now up for sale, if you are interested please send me a email at keith [at] techie-buzz [dot] com, and we can discuss the details, look forward to a long lasting relationship with you all.

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