How To Update Firefox Manually?

Mozilla Firefox releases periodic updates to the Firefox browser but it does not always push the updates to the end users immediately and does it after a certain amount of time.


If you want to upgrade your browser to the latest released version, there is no need to re-download the entire installation once again and you can do it easily by following the simple steps given below.

Step 1 Check For Updates: In Firefox 3 and later you can check for updates by clicking on the Help Menu and selecting the Check for Updatesoption.

Step 2 Check For Extension Compatibility Issues: If there are any updates available, some of the extensions may stop working, you can check the extensions that may stop working by clicking on the Show List button available in the update window. You can also use our guide to find and apply any available updates for Firefox add-ons, so that your extensions are up-to-date before you check for compatibility issues.


Step 3 Apply Any Available Updates: Once you have updated the extensions and are ready to upgrade Firefox, click on the Download & Install Now button to apply the new update to Firefox.

Step 4 Restart Firefox: During the process of upgrading Firefox will automatically close the browser and restart it.

Step 5 Confirm the Upgrade: Once you have installed the new update, you can confirm that it is the latest version by following step 1 again. If your browser has been successfully upgraded you will see a message saying, No Updates Found.


If you are using Firefox 2 and below, checkout the guide provided by Techie Buzz, which tells you how to upgrade Firefox manually in Firefox 2 and below. That’s it, using the steps above you can always keep Firefox updated and enjoy the best browsing experience.

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