How To Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 a few days ago. If you have installed the browser and find it buggy, you cannot directly go back and uninstall IE9 from the add/remove programs.

Internet Explorer 9

In order to uninstall Internet Explorer 9, you will have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel and click on the "Uninstall a Program" link

Step 2: You will not see an entry for IE9 in the main program list. Click on the View installed updates link in the sidebar to see the installed updates.

Step 3: Scroll down till you see a section for Microsoft Windows and find "Windows Internet Explorer 9" in it.

Uninstall IE9

Step 4: Right click on the entry and click on the Uninstall button to uninstall and remove Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) from your PC.

After the update is removed you will be reverted to the last installed version of Internet Explorer on your PC. The above steps will work as it is on both and .

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  • R Smith

    Thanks for your help in this matter.

  • Doug

    THANK YOU! At first IE9 was extremely fast, after 5 days of casual browsing, it takes a very long time to load sites…I feel like I took a step backwards! Not sure of the reason, but it is bad enough that I really want to go back to 6. Thanks for your instructions!

  • JB

    I’m with Doug. At first I was sceptical, but after the first hour of using IE9, I really did begin to like it. BUT, after the first week it became really, s l o w , and I also began to have issues with it hogging processor resources.
    Gone back to 8, which I grew to really like, even appreciate it more now. Maybe the big that I did really miss, is the menu bar.
    I’m running Vista, and maybe this won’t happen with Win7.

    • Jill

      How do you get rid of IE9 and return to 8? I have looked at the control panel, but nothing mentioned for Internet Explorer in there. IE9 is not working on our computer, and will not load now. We have given up and gone to Mozilla as it works much better with our system which is Windows 7
      Any help will be appreciated, am comfortable with the computer, but not savvy when something like this happens. Don’t know what to do

  • Thomas

    This is patently FALSE.
    I CANNOT remove IE 9, and there is NO UPDATE listed in any methods described.

    Your information is a nice canned corporate response from MSofty, but you are not addressing the problem. Do you just spit out the easy marketing schlop, or do you actually fix anything yourself?

  • zane

    thanks…worked exactly as you suggested…

  • andy

    i,ve looked as i want to delete it but its not listed in the installed updates,

  • chris

    worked no problem and went back to the better IE 8. Thanks

  • Dillweed!

    IE9 is an awful browser. Amazing to see the difference in performance and polish compared to IE8. How did they manage to ruin the “reopen last browsing session” option? It shouldn’t be THAT hard to program, considering that they did it just fine in THE LAST VERSION OF THE PROGRAM, but in the new one it opens your home page a billion times and it NEVER starts maximized. Also, no ClearType? WTF? Yeah, I REALLY wanted the Safari browsing experience on my PC. Download manager’s a load of crap that forces you to mess around with the mouse instead of pressing an arrow key and Enter. What does the “Save” option do? I’ve never been able to find out where files go when I save them using that method, I always have to use “Save as”. Renders some site REALLY badly.

    What gives, Microsoft? You were actually improving your browser for a while there, and then you had to put out this piece of garbage.

    • ran the uninstall update link but it wasnot successful. So where tofrom here?

  • IE9 still facing many problems regarding CSS rendering and crashing. I am going to uninstall IE9. Thanks for sharing this post.