How to Test Websites in Different/Multiple Resolutions Without Changing the PC Resolution

Designing websites is a constant challenge for webmasters. One of the problems that they face is that computer users will be viewing their sites using any number of screen resolutions. As you can see from this list at Wikipedia, there are many common display resolutions on PCs.



There are a few simple solutions that may help webmasters with multiple screen resolutions as they strive to make sure their websites look good. Here are two free web services and one free application that I’ve used in the past. is a simple and quick way to view several screen resolutions.


Browsershots takes quite a bit longer to generate results, but it also allows you to select different web browsers and operating systems to be used for the results.


For those using a Windows PC, there is also a nice little freeware utility called “Sizer” which allows you to change web browser size quickly. This isn’t the same as changing the display resolution, but it works for me.

Once you launch Sizer, you can right click on the title bar of any application and set it’s window size.


Sizer Homepage

I’m sure that there are dozens of other solutions that allow you to view different screen resolutions. If you know of any that you’d like to share, please comment below.

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