How to Sync Your Game Saves Between Computers for Free

So you like playing games at home, on the move and even at office? Tired of having to lug around conflicting save files of the same game? Harried about Steam Cloud things that won’t work for your non-Steam games? Fear not for Tor, a user of our favorite classic games website (, has come up with a brilliantly simple way to sync game saves between computers using Dropbox and Link Shell Extension. Not only is this how-to remarkably simple, it has been explained by Tor in details so no one will have any problems understanding.


There are a few drawbacks of this method, however. The method will only work if the game saves data in its separate folder as Dropbox will be set up to sync the entire folder. If the game saves within other folders, Dropbox will sync the entire folder, consuming bandwidth and time. Secondly, this method will only work for folders under an NTFS hard drive. If your save folder is in a FAT32 system, this will not work.

Do check out this great way to keep in sync with your mobile gaming experience. Also, this method will also work in Linux for your DOSbox and ScummVM games! Yay for being open-source friendly! Here is the link again.

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