How to Send Anonymous Email

wl-mail There are many reasons why a person might be afraid to send a normal email message to someone. The person sending the email could:

  • lose a friendship
  • anger a family member
  • lose a job
  • get sued
  • get arrested
  • get hurt or killed

There’s also another reason.

It might be fun! How would you like to send an email that looks like it came from the President, Tax Office or Police? The possibilities for mischief are endless.

Whatever the reason, there are many resources available to those who need to send an anonymous email. The easiest methods are online services. Below I’ll list the top three for you. simple plain text simple plain text html (rich text)

green-check-mark I checked these services for safety using SiteAdvisor.

These email sites are easy to use. You’ll only need to fill out:

  1. From: (make something up)
  2. To: (who is this email for?)
  3. Subject: (what’s the email about?)
  4. Message: (give them the bad news)

Typically, no attachments are allowed and you’ll have to fill out a captcha form to keep the spammers from using these services.

See also: Send Anonymous Tweets With ShhTwitter

Now you’re either ready to save the world, a friendship or get a good laugh. Let me know if you have your own special way to send out secret email, by adding your comment below.

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  • Nice ones clif..! :)

    • Thanks Karthik!

  • How anonymous is anonymous with those services. I doubt that these free services are of any use.

  • Hehe :)

    Bookmarked this, you never know when you might need this kind of service.

    Thnx Clif


  • icebrian
    • Thanks IceBrian – I’ll have to keep an eye on that one. It hasn’t been rated for safety yet by SiteAdvisor or Web of Trust.

  • Denis

    Have you ever tried ? You can send anonymous emails with attachment of up to 5 MB.

  • I used to tell a colleague about a bad breath problem. a few days later the smell was much better.. the site lets you get replies, but i cant repeat what they guy said to me ;)

    • Thanks for sharing that story JasonP.

  • fgbxd

    very-very thankyou…. it could change my life even….. lemme se….

  • nathan

    I created a web page to send anonymous emails. Check it out and tell me what you think

  • I something called It has a unique ‘camouflage mail’ idea that has me breathing easier, even if I forget to sign out of my mailbox (Trust me, I do this a LOT).