How To Run Multiple Instances Of Dropbox

At Techie Buzz here, we are all great fans of the Dropbox application. It’s like a super-synching application on steroids (I don’t care if that’s greatly exaggerated =D) It works on PC, Mac and Linux and even on the iPhone. It not only syncs files, but also does a lot of other nifty helpful stuff.

greenshot_2009-12-30_04-35-26 With Dropbox, you can create collaborative folders that can be synced between multiple user’s computers and kept up-to-date in real time. Although, you can create any number of folders and do as many collaborations, it is not currently possible to run multiple instances of the Dropbox application and in turn simultaneously run multiple Dropbox accounts on the same computer. For some reason, someone might like to create different accounts for different purposes. For example, if a folder that syncs between friends has maxed out the entire account limits, the user could make another account just for business.

If you find yourself in such circumstance, treat your computer to Dropboxen. Dropboxen is a Dropbox addon that lets you run multiple instances of the application at the same time. Each running instance can then sync with different accounts.

The catch here is that, for any new instance you wish to run, you’ll need to make a different Windows User Account for it. When you run a new instance of the application, the Dropbox folder for that instance will be created in that User Account’s My Documents directory. Adding to that, you’ll also need to make some simple editing in an xml file provided.

To install the Dropboxen addon, follow the instruction here. It requires .Net Framework 3.5 and unlike Dropbox, it ain’t multiplatform.

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    Great article.

  • woaw! this looks great! i gotta try this :)

  • There is another easier method to run multiple instances of Dropbox in Windows, using Portable Dropbox. More info here: