How To Completely Remove Tabs From Firefox

If you are one of those few people who find tabs annoying, or who feel that tabbed browsing makes Firefox slower, you will love this tip. You can actually completely turn off tabs in firefox by installing a cool Add-on called Tab Killer.

Tab Killer completely gets rid of tabs so whenever you try to open a new web page it opens in a new window instead of a new tab. You won’t even see the option of Open in new tab any more. It can also be very useful for people who want the features of Firefox but, transitioning from IE or Netscape, cannot get used to the multiple tabs logic. If after a few days you feel the need for tabs again, all you have to do is disable the plugin.

When you try to install Tab Killer, you will see the good old message. “This Add on is for older versions of Firefox”. Don’t worry though! It is exactly for times like these that we showed you how to install incompatible Addons.

Remember that if all you want is to open new pages in a new browser window instead of a new tab, you can always get that setting by going to Tools >> Options >> Tabs.

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