How To Remotely Control Your PC Using Twitter

There is often a need to shutdown, restart or log-off your computer while you are away from your desk. There are a lot of softwares that allow you to do that by tweaking network settings and playing with internet configurations. Take my word, there is simply no need to use any of those because the application you should be really using is TweetMyPC.

As the name suggests, TweetMyPC lets you communicate with your computer by simply sending a tweet. Here’s how it works:

Download TweetMyPC from here.

During the installation you will be asked to provide your Twitter credentials.

Once you do that, TweetMyPC will check for your tweets every 1 minute and will act accordingly when it receives a command. So whenever you sendout a tweet shutdown, your computer will indeed shutdown. Once the command is executed, you will receive a confirmation tweet.

Here are some other commands that work with TweetMyPC:

lock – locks your windows PC.

physical memory – tells you the physical memory of your PC

ip – lets you know your computer’s IP address

other commands include standby, hibernate, getfiles, kill process e.t.c. You can also use TweetMyPC to download a file on your computer and even setup personal commands. One of my favorite commands is screenshot which will actually take a screenshot of your computer so you can see what is going on. Details about more commands and their usage is included here.

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