How to Play Flash Games on Your Sony PSP

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Sony’s PlayStation Portable gaming console is one of the premier gaming devices available for the market at this time. Though its competitor, Nintendo DS has always been ahead when it comes to sales figures, the PSP is far more powerful than the Nintendo console. With version 2.70 of the firmware, users were greeted with Flash 6.0 support in the embedded microbrowser. This enabled users to browse some websites that allowed for Flash 6 content or even games.

However, you do not always need to be online to play a Flash game on your PSP there is a very simple way to play it offline on your beloved handheld console.


  • Sony PSP with firmware version 2.70 or higher.
  • SWF file of your favourite Flash 6 game (More on how to get the SWF file later).
  • Memory Stick for storing the Flash game.
  • Memory Stick card reader or PSP USB connector.


Getting the SWF file:-

  1. Go to any good Flash game website (such as Miniclip or and search for a Flash 6 game.
  2. Once you find one, load it on to your browser’s page.   Browser-Flash
  3. Once it’s loaded, save that webpage somewhere in your hard drive.
  4. Navigate to the place where you have downloaded the page. There will be a folder called webpage.htm_files (where webpageis the name of the webpage that you have downloaded).
  5. Inside this folder, there will be an SWF file this is your game file.

Playing on the PSP:-

  1. Copy the file you downloaded into the memory stick of your PSP. Create a new folder and put it in, or place it anywhere else, but remember the address of the file. For example’s sake, I place the file on X:\FLASH\game.swf, where X is the memory stick’s drive name on the computer. Game_On_MSDuo
  2. Open the PSP’s internet browser and type file:/FLASH/game.swf URL_On_PSP
  3. Your PSP will ask your permission to run a plugin in that page. Agree to it and start playing! Game_On_PSP

Closing Notes

Block Commander and Jelly are two games from PSP Flash Gaming, a site dedicated to providing flash games for PSP users. (Note you need to search a little to find the SWF files since the website urges users to connect to their site over the internet to play the games.) Another wonderful site optimised for the PSP is PSPonme that has a large collection of Flash 6 games.

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  • Neville Chesan

    Thanx… for that tip :) I neva knew that…

    Could you throw some light on Homebrew Software’s for the PSP??

    • I will eventually be doing a post on homebrew for the PSP. This will not involve piracy of any kind as I am against that sort of thing.

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  • John

    I have never been able to play any flash games using this method. Please help.

    • Where are you having problems? Do tell me the specifics.

      • John

        I put something in the wrong folder. Silly me, thanks for your help.

        • DissidiaFan

          What Folder Do You Put It In? does it matter?

  • orieo7

    how bout not enough memory?? i've already close all tabs and enable the conserve memory.. =_=" still cant play da game.. lil help pls

    • Which game is this? Do remember that the PSP doesn't have much memory. So if the game doesn't run at all, it must be pretty darn huge for the PSP. :)

  • Josh

    Just wanted to say there are easier ways of getting a .swf file now, i think most "youtube" downloader plugins for firefox will download a .swf file for ya, quick and easy, with no need to download a full webpage/useless stuff.

  • Kerran

    Mine just says content could not be displayed. HELP PLEASE!!!

  • Thanks for this informative article, I’ve been waiting this all along! You Rock!

  • iHEARThentai

    hey dude is there any way to save the flash game???

  • Colton Rothert

    Any way to get UMD (files)? I’m just interested b/c when I tried UMD Dumper, one file showed the dumper and the other was corrupted. So I was wondering if there is an easy free way to get UMD games off the web. (UMD – Universal Media Disc) (the disc that you’d put in your psp to play games/videos)

  • bogmaster

    Hey!I took Stick War from and it say:”The content cannot be desplayed.”