How To Import Facebook Contacts To Gmail

I know that there are several ways to import your contacts to , one of which includes first importing them into Yahoo, and then exporting the address book, and then importing it into Gmail. However, that process is pretty long.

If you really want to import your Facebook contacts to Gmail, a   will come in pretty handy. The Chrome extension  called Facebook Friends Exporter provides users with an option to export their friends information from Facebook as a CSV file. The information you can export includes your Friend’s name, emails, phone numbers, screen names and websites. The good part about the extension though is that it also allows you to import these contacts into Gmail in a single click.

Export Facebook Friends

Once you have installed the extension, you will see an addition menu item called "Export friends!" in Facebook. Clicking the link will advice you to go to your friends page, however, the extension can also do that automatically for you.

On the next page, you will be shown a message about Facebook owning your friends and disclaimers which you have to accept. Once you do that, you can Get started with importing your friends and storing it locally.

Import Facebook Contacts to Gmail

The extension will then cache all your friends in and start importing them one by one. The process might take a while if you have a lot of friends and takes breaks in between (after it has accessed 60 of your friends profiles, otherwise Facebook will start displaying images for email address). Once the entire import process has been completed, you will be given an option to import your Facebook contacts into Gmail.

Facebook has been very strict about any script accessing contact information about your friends and have even banned users, so you might want to tread with caution here. Nevertheless, the script works and it’s hassle free, so go ahead and try it out if you really want to import your Facebook contacts to Gmail.

Download Facebook Friend Exporter

8 thoughts on “How To Import Facebook Contacts To Gmail”

  1. this seems to be working. simulates human clicks, takes breaks between accessing friends. 200 friends, 150 remaining. can’t wait for the process to finish! you mark f.ckerberg, one more time!

  2. I wrote an article related to this one that shows you in a step by step tutorial how to export your contacts via facebook into yahoo and then how to bring them into twitter to see which ones of your facebook friends are using twitter. It’s a bit roundabout but is one of the nly ways (I know) of doing this : How To Follow Your Facebook Friends ion Twitter :

  3. This no longer works. It used to work, processing about 60 at a time and then it would work again after a few hours or next day. Currently, it runs through your entire friend list without stopping and when you extract to a csv all you have is a list of friends names and links to their facebook profiles.

    I was working on this all weekend. I got about 200 of my remaining 700 contacts exported before it started behaving like this. Very unfortunate.

    Creating a dummy yahoo account and using their facebook connect feature to import your facebook friends emails still works though. But all you can get by that method is emails (which you can luckily, easily export out of yahoo as a csv then do with as you please).

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