How To Import Delicious Bookmarks Into Xmarks, Diigo, Chrome, Opera, Firefox or IE

Delicious is closing down, the first thing you have to do is export your Delicious bookmarks so that you have access to it. Now, what do you do with those bookmarks? Well there are several things you could do now with your Bookmarks.

Few of these include importing them to your favorite browser including , , or Internet Explorer. You can also import your Delicious Bookmarks into Xmarks, however, more on that later.

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Import Delicious Bookmarks To Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer

For Google Chrome

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Google Chrome

Click on the Setting icon in Chrome and select Bookmark Manager. In the bookmark manager click on Organize and select Import bookmarks. Now select the HTML file you downloaded from Delicious and it will be imported to Google Chrome.

For Firefox

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Firefox

Click on the Bookmarks menu and select "Organize Bookmarks" from the menu. Alternatively you can also use the shortcut key "Ctrl + Shift + B". Click on the "Import and Backup" and select "Import HTML" option. Now navigate to the HTML file you downloaded and import it into Firefox.

For Opera


In order to import your delicious bookmarks to Opera, click on the "Menu -> Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks". In the Bookmarks manager, click on the File Menu and select "Import Firefox Bookmarks" from the list. Now navigate and select the downloaded HTML file from Delicious and import it into Opera.

For Internet Explorer

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Internet Explorer

Go to "File -> Import and Export" and select Import from a file. Click on Next and select "Favorites" on the next screen. Click next and select the downloaded HTML file and then choose the folder you want to import the bookmarks into.

Done, you now have your Delicious bookmarks in your favorite browser. Now how about moving it to Xmarks? Turns out it is easy, check the steps below.

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Xmarks

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Xmarks

Xmarks provides an easy way to import your bookmarks from Delicious to your account. Login to your Xmarks account and then head over to Now click on the "Tools" menu and select "Import Bookmarks from". Provide your Delicious username to Xmarks and it will download your bookmarks and add it to a new folder.

The downside of this feature is that it only supports 100 public bookmarks, so your private Delicious bookmarks and those which are above 100 won’t be imported. To get over this problem you can simply download a sync tool for your browser from here and then sync your imported bookmarks in the browser to Xmarks.

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Diigo

Import Delicious Bookmarks to Diigo

Another good service for bookmarking is Diigo. You can also import your delicious bookmarks to this service. To import your bookmarks to Diigo, sign in to the service and head over to this link. Now navigate to the downloaded HTML file and upload it to Diigo.

Using these import guide will ensure that your Delicious bookmarks are not lost.

Note: This article was updated to add instructions for Opera.

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  • on the Mac with Chrome, it didn’t recognize the HTML file exported by Delicious because it was .HTM no L so, I just had to rename it from delicious_xxxx.htm to delicious_xxxx.html and it worked. :)

    very useful post!

  • The news about Delicious is very unfortunate but this now allows Delicious users to shop other bookmarking alternatives. There are many out there that offer great features. I am commenting on behalf of Symbaloo. Symbaloo is a great alternative because it is visual and users are able to tag, share and publish their favorite bookmarks. Published “webmixes” (a collection of bookmarks) are also indexed in Google. More reasons to try Symbaloo:

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  • Use this site to get bookmarks from Delicious into Firefox 3/4 with tags included. All of the other services I tried to create the .json file were unsucessful, but this one worked. No need to install Flock. There is a security risk as you are uploading your bookmarks file to a 3rd party, but it was a chance I was willing to take.

  • Murat

    Hopefully delicious didn’t close its service. I heard that they were bought by youtube founders.

  • Thanks – usefull article.
    I tried to import my bookmarks into xmarks – but it can handle only 1000 bookmarks – so I have to look for another solution.

  • lili

    Delicious didn’t close, but it’s not that it been once.