How To Get Invites For Google Music Beta

Earlier Today, Google launched Google Music at Google I/O 2011. The new music service will seamlessly integrate with mobiles and Android tablets.


Sadly, the service will be limited to US only for the initial period and there is no information on when it will be rolled out to other countries. Google Music is a service which gives you access to your personal music collection without the need to use wires or sync. You can add your music collection to Google music and access it from the web or any other compatible Android device.

If you are interested in trying out the new service, you can request a beta invite for the service by visiting You can learn more about Google Music by visiting this page.

14 thoughts on “How To Get Invites For Google Music Beta”

    1. You could always create a US Google Account and then employ a VPN Service inside US Borders such as a PPTP link or OVPN. Then use the vpn client on your phone/PC when connected to the Google services.

      It may work as intended but of course you would be violating the terms of use right off the bat.

      Just Saying,

  1. I’d appreciate a Google Music invite from anyone who has them available..I have a Google Chrome CR-48 and a Nexus One phone. I have Google+ invites for anyone that needs them. Regards..Perk

  2. Please … need an invite for Sweden to Google music .. send to intresserad ( at ) antisvinn . se

    Thank You.

    Viking of Sweden

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